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  1. Damn... thanks Vic!!!! I had that option on... so it closed every time it finished running. This is an exmaple why some very good software are misundertod.. it is not a bad program.. .it's a bad user Thanks...
  2. Hi. I've never been able to see the full executiion of CC on a dell inspiron 6400 1 gb ram. vista 32 bits spanish... when ran cc, it show the nag screen to authorize execution (i know that can be avoided, but I think if it is there... perhaps is for one good reason..) and off it goes... starts to do its job, but suddendly it disapears from screen.. the weird thing is if I config to several passes (NSA 7 passes) it makes several passes before disapearing (It looks like if it were a problem with the progress bar) allways at the 75% (aprox) is disappears, whaetever the security level (passes) is. Thanks.
  3. Oh SHOOOT!!!!! Thounsand sorrys... I look really newbie!!!! I used several times the download link... but never saw that the frigging getright was asking for the download destination. Sorry.... I'm really rubished!
  4. I used to think that one side effect of defraggin' was to optimize the performance of the hard disk, but as you ask this... I suspect that are they not the same anymore?... any light in this topic would be appreciated... Greetings!!
  5. Greetings!!!.. greatest tools you have!!! I was about testing defraggler, but I wansn't able to download... is the page getting troubles? Thanks in advance, and keep the good work!! Olguin
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