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  1. Hi, Since yesterday, I can't download your latest version CCleaner 5.61.7392 either from your site or from Filehippo.com although I accept your cookies and scripts: can you please help me ? Thanks beforehand, Marco
  2. As I had problems with my PC, I forgot to re-re-re-re-notice to you that, in the meantime, I had to re-install my Wind'Oz XP and that, for the time being, I had no more problems ! Thanks for your trying to help me. I guess your link was leading to DropBox, didn't it ?
  3. Hi Nergal, Sorry not to have replied any earlier: I just found your answer now as I am cleaning my mailbox. Anyway, as your link here above doesn't lead me anywhere (I wonder why !? ), I wouldn't have known how to execute your indications... Anyway, Thanx for trying to help me. Marco
  4. Hi, everyone, As I have just downloaded the last version of Speccy (1.06.191) in French, when I open the program, I get the following message: Can anybody help ? Thanks beforehand. Marco
  5. Hey, everyone, It finally looks like I lost quite a lot of files in this recovery operation. Hopefully, I had saved most of them about two months before the crash, but quite a lot of important registered documents since are missing !!! Maybe these ZZZ files ???
  6. ...I must admit you're quite comforting/reassuring...
  7. Thanks for the time you take to give me all these informations. ...'till there, I get it... ...I guess you mean by overwriting on top of them... ...I still follow... ...This where I'm getting lost: I'll have to take new lessons ! By the way, do you have an idea of how I can decipher/decode the ZZZ files I recovered ???
  8. Sorry for the delay in answering: I'm still recovering my lost files and more over, Recuva as replicated them with both the original name and the same with "_1", sometimes before the extension, sometimes after: obliged to clean up the whole disk !!! ...Already done along with my last post in this topic. ...You quite surprise me, here ! I admit I'm an autodidact in informatics, but from what I learned from all the forums and tutorials that I now read from quite a few years, as well as from some very experienced friends, I've always thought that replacing erased files binary names (octets) by "00-00-00-00" would make them disappear. Also, Defragler allowing to defragment free space looked to me as a supplementary guarantee.
  9. Hey everyone, It looks like there's a bug in CCleaner's latest version 2.31.1153: http://forum.pirifor...ndpost&p=166411 . Please, make it so it doesn't happen anymore in the next version. ...Edit: In fact, the interesting part starts HERE !
  10. ..Yes, it is (a bug in CCleaner) and no, I haven't (set some folders to include and have selected to overpass the files with data to make then unrecoverable): I wouldn't know how to do it ! ...At least, it prevents the processor to look here, there and everywhere when you request a file !!! Now, for your information, it looks like I eventually could recover all the files I wanted on a different external disk: if not, I'll let you know later on, but I doubt I will have to do so.
  11. Dear Aethec, Many thanks for your steadiness in trying to help me out. ...I 'm afraid this was not the case: my files HAD NOT been deleted before this "Free Space Wipe Out"... The best proof is that after I ticked all the options before initializing my third and last scan last night, I could find all of my initial files again today: I am recovering them right now on my main computer while I'm answering you from my portable PC > remaining time before complete recovery: about 3 1/2 hours... ...I'm fully aware of what "Wipe Free Space" means (more over, my CrapCleaner software IS in French)... ...No, not only: it is also useful in cleaning a hard disk of its "pseudo" erased files (their address on the Hard Disk has been removed from the File Allocation Table but they still are physically on the disk) > It also helps running the disk faster if it has properly been defragmented afterwards... ...It PROBABLY IS a bug in CrapCleaner: once I have recovered the whole of my files, I will definitely open a new thread in the CCleaner Bug Reporting forum. As I have found, among my recovered files, one of them still containing ZZZ files, would you know of a way to recover these ??? TO ALL READERS OF THIS TOPIC: BEFORE RUNNING RECUVA, MAKE SURE YOU TICK ALL OPTIONS MENTIONED IN THE INTERFACE RIGHT TOP BUTTON.
  12. As I said in my first message: ...So would it mean that, instead of only wiping off my Files Allocation Table on that external hard disk, CCleaner would also have erased the whole of my files ???
  13. Well, it seems like I DO HAVE A PROBLEM: After my last message, Saturday evening, I ran Recuva with advanced search all night long to find the following message the next day: "Estimated remaining time... 37 days" !!! So I tried again yesterday afternoon with the same advanced search feature: according to the mentioned estimated remaining time, the scan should have been over by 6.30 AM: at 10.00, it was still stuck on 83% completed with an estimated remaining time of 4 hours (scanning free space ?). So I clicked on the small window upper right x button (and not on the cancel button) to shut it off. After a while, as nothing showed (just two .jpg files of less than 100 ko), I had to go in the options and check every one of them to see appear over 14.600 files all named with ZZZs: is this normal ??? Finding myself unable to open these files (I even tried with 7-Zip), I started a new scan of this 500 Go external hard drive of which only about 1/3 is occupied. However, when I did not use this computer during the two first scans, I am writing you while the third one is going on. If any one has more accurate informations, please feel welcome to give them to me as I am going blind folded.
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