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  1. Hi, I have noticed something recently : I had a startup entry which was actually a link to a website. I observed that CCleaner removed it. I just wonder if this is so because when checking for the validity of the link, it only looked locally. So all links to website in the start menu would be removed as well. Can anyone confirm this ? Thanks. .merle1.
  2. Hi, I have observed the following behavior : when I launch Defraggler, I cannot eject my external USB HDD. As soon as I quit Defraggler, I can eject it. I don't see why it is locked when it is not in use from Defraggler. Thanks. .merle1.
  3. I think I had the same problem. My PC suddently shut down this morning, properly but while I had many applications running, including a big MPEG2 to divx conversion which was lost ! I was at that time playing with Defraggler, but cannot remember exactly what I was doing ! So at this stage it's just a hint, nothing more.
  4. I just tried defraggler, and on several drives, it stopped saying "analysis incomplete". Does anyone already had this error message ? After reboot though the problem was gone.
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