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  1. I had the same problem, no cookies listed. Uninstall CCleaner. Reinstalled CCleaner version 552. Problem fixed. Will wait for another major release and then try again.
  2. After using CCleaner, my system restore backup points are erased. They are not erased right away, but are erased after my pc is turned off overnight for about 12 hours. I'm using version 1.38.485 and Windows XP Pro. If I don't use CCleaner, the restore points are never erased. I verified this over a 3 week period. I like to keep my restore points. Is there any CCleaner setting that can prevent the restore points from erasing? CCleaner works fine otherwise...
  3. I tried it. Its ok so far, has not crashed...
  4. Cleaner runs great except it shuts down if I have "recent documents" checked. I can get around this by going into "options > custom folders" and adding the "recent" folder to the "custom folders to clean" window. Then everything works. I am using XP Pro with service pack 2 and all the updates. CCleaner version is 1.19.105 Is there a manual .ini or registry fix for this or do I wait for the next release?
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