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  1. Hi, yes, I have used AVG in the past (pro version), but switched to AVAST 4.7 home (free) edition a year ago, mainly because AVAST is much simpler to use. As for detection ability, neither of these applications are found among the top-rated group. I have other software, like SSM and ZoneAlarm Pro and TrojanHunter that, in my experience, afford much better protection from the nasties than either AVG or AVAST. If you don't already have Spyware Blaster loaded on your system, I would urge you add it to your stable of security apps. You can add it to your system for a small donation. All the best
  2. I have installed CCleaner v.2.00.500, with both desktop and start menu links, but have encountered a little problem with it. When I double click on either the desktop or start menu links, neither immediately opens the software every time. It may or may not work when I repeat the the steps, but usually opens the software on a third try. This is not a big issue, but rather an annoyance. I have therefore reinstalled v.141.544 which works just fine using the same procedures. Is this a bug? Or?
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