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  1. I suggest to add the option to clean the folder "Windows/IE7updates" and/or "windows/$hf_mig$" And/Or " microsoft/help/tour" And the option to clean "sandbox"
  2. This is realy a bad answer. On 5 different PC?s/laptops with different office versions CCleaner deleted wrongly the office extentions in the filetype list. Alle these pc?s does still have this problem today. PC?s where CCleaner is not installed are still working. This was the reason to look for other programs to clean the registry. I trusted CCleaner for years. It was with the CCleaner version around december-januari. This version removed all office document extentions. Today i still have problems on all these pc?s. I always downloaded the version from the internet for every pc separately. During newyear i visited my family and installed CCleaner. A week later i had many phonecalls that the attachments in outlook didn?t work anymore.
  3. I?m wondering why other free programms like WISE registrycleaner OR glary Utilities still find hundreds of registry entries and or files that can be deleted. Even registry Booster 2 does find some more things to clear out. I prefer using the fastest cleaning tool. CCleaner. Don?t forget. Glary utilities and WISE registry cleaning does the cleaning in one click. I suppose CCleaner to have the same option. Maybe the CCleaner-team can find out why other programs stilf find hundreds of entries that can be deleted. Regards Artliner
  4. I like the dates in version history. Yust like anydvd does
  5. I want th epossibility to reset the settings in every tab to the original value?s. Today i have some problems because i changed to much and i don?t know what are default settings and what did i marked.
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