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  1. Same problem with Windows Chrome Version 45.0.2454.78 beta-m (64-bit) running on Windows 10: browser history is NOT cleaned by CCleaner Ver. 5.09.5343.
  2. I'm, running CCleaner 4.08.4428 (64 bit) and Chrome Version 32.0.1700.41 beta-m Aura. Normally Chrome auto-logs on when I start it. but with this latest update, if I run CCleaner first, Chrome requires a manual logon. I'm not sure if this is a problem with Chrome or with CCleaner; I've tried tweaking CCleaner's settings for Chrome but nothing seems to help the problem. Obviously something changed with Chrome's latest Beta, but I can't tell what it is.
  3. The current version of CCleaner breaks the LastPass extension of Google Chrome. What happens is CCleaner stops LastPass from remembering the user login/PW. So every time you start Chrome yuo have to re-log in to LastPass. CCV2 did not do this, so something was added in V3. I hope whatever it is can be found and removed.
  4. The .CHM extension is used by all Windows compiled help files. The Registry Scan for Issues selects this extension for removal; doing this renders all help files unreadable. To fix this problem you have to re-associate the .CHM extension with the hh.exe file (Help reader) in the Windows directory.
  5. Running CCleaner's Registry "Scan for Issues" identifies the .MSC extension as unused and marks it for removal. This is incorrect - removing the .MSC extension prevents the user from running things like services.msc or the Manage function from My Computer.
  6. The following Vista folders contain only log files that should be cleaned out by CCleaner: c:\windows\logs\cbs <=== contains results from running System File Checker (sfc.exe) that need not be saved c:\windows\logs\dpx <===not sure what this holds, but they are log files as well
  7. Please add an optional function (not part of the standard CCleaner run) that deletes all of the backup files created by the Windows Update function. Windows Update creates a backup of every file it modifies for each update it installs. These backups accuulate over time and take up lots of space. Most users never un-install a Windows update fix so these backup fiules are never needed.
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