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  1. Just wondering TeeJay, but what UXtheme patcher did you use for your Windows 7?
  2. I started off with Windows 95.
  3. Dennis summed up what I was going to say as well. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you may still be able to join us in the future.
  4. What I'm wondering about is why someone would advertise about the side effects of a medicine?
  5. Icedrake

    FF4 b11

    Oh blast, I'm going on my vacation then, so I'll miss that beta. When is beta 11,926,482 coming out?
  6. Icedrake

    FF4 b11

    Now let's continue on Beta 13, 14, 15 and quite possibly, 16. Thanks for the heads up though Ishan.
  7. Weird, I haven't gotten this issue. o.O I do get my favicons cleared when I use CCleaner, but they reappear when I revisit that website.
  8. That looks brilliant! I like the fact that its more smooth now, unlike Avast 5, where the interface was very glossy (I didn't like it too much). I'm very tempted to switch from MSE to Avast at the moment.
  9. It took about an hour on mine JUST for the download, don't know why, since I have a great internet connection. Then the install itself only took a few minutes.
  10. It's only bug fixes. There are no new features or anything like that. However, there are 2 new features in the SP1 for the server edition of Windows.
  11. Surprisingly enough, I didn't have to stop the download and restart it. However by the time it finished, it took nearly an hour. Then everything else went smoothly enough, and SP1 was installed.
  12. Yeah, I had to go and make Windows Update actually check for updates before it showed up. Also had a bunch of other updates there that it never alerted me about. Meh, I've been stuck at 31% download in Windows Update for about 10 minutes now. Oh my goodness, now I'm at 32%. What an accomplishment!
  13. No update from Windows Update for me as of yet.
  14. Yes, works perfectly (I've used both ERUNT and NTREGOPT on Win7 without issue). When using ERUNT, you may get this "RegSaveKey: 3" error. Just ignore this error and continue, everything will be working fine.
  15. Icedrake

    FF4 b11

    I wonder when Firefox Beta 14 is coming.
  16. Icedrake


    I'm personally fine with the gui of 7-Zip itself, I just hate the file extension icons it has. They look horrible with Windows 7, absolutely repulsive.
  17. Thanks Hazel. I've forgotten to check.
  18. Hmm, did some more testing out of my own. This is what I think so far: Internet Explorer 9: Huge, huge improvement over previous Internet Explorer versions. I'd say its become a modern browser now, and a viable choice for a web browser. Firefox Beta 11: Nice new interface, the most customisable of all the web browsers as normal. I'd say Internet Explorer 9 is faster than Firefox Beta 11 (at least for me), though the customisability of Firefox is worth using it alone. Latest Chromium/Chrome Canary Builds: Holy cow, they are fast. Fastest thing I've used so far. Scratch that. I should say Opera and Chrome are pretty much equals in speed for me at the moment. Opera: Great as usual. Maxthon: ... Also, I apologise for going off-topic in this topic Nergal.
  19. I've never tried TeraCopy before. Does it work on Windows 7?
  20. Oh, there's text to display? I thought it was a blank. My apologies about that. Does it display this message on other web browsers besides IE?
  21. I don't see your point. Opens fine with me. Unless you're trying to brag about Firefox.
  22. Meh, IE9 is much faster and works better for me than FF Beta 11, that's all I can say.
  23. Of course Mozilla will make themselves look better lol, it's their test after all.
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