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  1. ok, what's with the 2 paws always out in front ?!?

    so he is always walking on his hind legs?

    that's just lame, I at least thought he'd be running on all fours, with ground thumps and head jars and all that realistic stuff.

    it is called Bear Simulator after all.


    I guess the $30,000 goal price says it all...


    but, to be fair, 10/10 for something different, I can see the little kiddies loving it.

    One of the first things the Kickstarter video said was that it was using a bipedal testing mode, and that the actual fully featured game will have you going around on all four legs like a bear and standing up only to examine things. Did you watch the video at all?

  2. August you say DennisD, soon it'll be Christmas!!!!! ...........my how time fly's when retired


    This reflects my current No.1 TV series...........eagerly looking forward to season 2

    I became very curious after seeing your background Tas, and immediately looked up and watched the first season of Vikings. And damn, it is a fantastic show; I am likewise looking forward to Season 2!

  3. I never played with alternative file managers for unix.


    I know Nautilus is the default for GNOME, but Ubuntu runs unity now and I'm not sure what it ships with (a google search says Thundar?)


    If Nautilus is what I was using on Ubuntu before it switched to Unity, I'd reccomend you give that a look.

    Still Nautilus on Ubuntu 13.04.

  4. Icedrake are you using steam for linux? What games are you playing.

    I haven't tried it out much yet, mostly because none of my games work for linux on steam.


    I do hope steam for linux gets better though. I would really like to be able to build small PCs for cheap without having to pay for windows on them. I think it would be cool to be able to build a pretty capable HTPC/Gaming system for like $300. Then again the issue I always come back to is that the cost of Windows isn't that big and the long term benefits always seem to make it worth it.

    Yep, installed Steam. Tried out TF2, and FPS was abysmal compared to Windows. It's a shame too, I really liked the Unity interface and everything.

  5. Hey guys. I've run into a problem with my surround sound 5.1 speaker set when I connect it to my computer. The problem is that the Realtek HD Audio Manager that comes installed by default with my soundcard detects the speakers, and if I use the test option to test all the speakers and the subwoofer, everything works fine and the subwoofer, the center speaker and the rear speakers (or side speakers) all work and give out sound. However, when I just randomly play anything, the subwoofer, center, and rear/side speakers don't give off any sound. What's wrong?

  6. According to MS, IE10 may become default, with no option to run FF/Opera/Chrome natively. Will be forced to use a form of IE underneath & just apply their skin. Not sure if this is only for Win8 arm devices, or if they will do this for Windows as well.


  7. I have to say though, I'm still waiting in anticipation for AMD's Piledrivers. Hopefully AMD can redeem themselves after Bulldozer getting stuck in the mud, and I won't have to fork out 200+ dollars for Intel.

  8. I looked at the new Ivy Bridge processors on Newegg and felt sad because I don't have the money to build an entirely new system with those bad boys (I am, however, going to make myself a wishlist PC with the components so I can buy it when I get rich someday). :P Anyways, has anyone bought one of these new processors or built a PC with one?

  9. I read on another forum about someone who tried that pre-release of it, and he stated he felt like a senior citizen for the first time ever using a computer due to the Metro UI.

    Honestly, that just sounds like a drastic overstatement. I mean, I don't care for it much either, but it isn't that bad.

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