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  1. sorry, I was meaning "CCCleaner does not clean its content". As you may see in the picture, my index.dat was over 1,900,000 bytes long, and contained all my navigation data from months ago to yesterday: CCCleaner simply did not erase its contents. Yesterday, using another cleaning program (free internet window washer 2.1), I reduced index.dat to 32,000 bytes only: that's equivalent to an empty index.dat. best regards.
  2. as you may see from the attached pics, CCclener does not delete Internet explorer's index dat file. Of course, I made several cold reboots to check it.
  3. pdp

    CCCleaner and Opera

    I had big problems with CC 2 (crashes and strange issues with "services.exe" on startup), so I reverted to CC 1.41. But, now, it doesn't show Opera in the Applications list... I'm perplexed; I'm pretty sure that Opera was there, weeks ago. I use Xp and Opera installed on drive D: (instead of c:\programs). Any suggestion? Thank you.
  4. I would ask, if it's possible, an option for a future update of your program, to launch - in sequel - first CCCleaner /auto , then Defraggler, and finally auto shutdown the PC. (or, an option, in cccleaner, to launch defraggler after cleaning, and then shutdown the PC) Thank you.
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