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  1. Congratulations for Version 1.06.32 in which you can now recover emails deleted from Outlook Express! Recommend that users use View Mode "Tree View" for this process. Thanks! ..... I knew you could.
  2. Since no one has replied to my last posting as of today, including the prior Moderator, I would like to recommend that Recuva revise this application to include procedures for recovering deleted OE emails. I feel this would really enhance this application. Piriform's other application CCleaner is one of the finest applications available on the internet and it's recent update made it even better. I would like to challenge Piriform to try and place Recuva in a similar status. I have recommended CCleaner to every one that I know, including installing it on lots of friends computers. I look forward to doing the same with Recuva.
  3. I fully understand the way that OE works with items stored in .dbx folders and also the consequences of compacting these files. There is a Deleted items.dbx folder etc. But none of these files appear when you run Recuva. In addition, I currently use an application to back up OE called OE Quick Backup which is great in case you do corrupt OE files etc. I have have never had to use it thankfully. If I delete an email or emails today and have not compacted OE I still cannot find any of them with Recuva. If Recuva is capable of recovering deleted emails then once again I would appreciate someone telling me how. Additonal item of note: If you select Tree View option with "Show files found in hidden system directories and try to make an entry in "Find" then Recuva hangs up every time. Again as of now I feel that Recuva cannot recover deleted emails unless proven otherwise. I ask anyone to delete an email and then try and find it with Recuva....
  4. I searched for .eml file extension first thing, but nothing appears. I have deleted specific emails and then tried to search by subject name and get nothing. I have searched using everything that I know in an effort to identify deleted emails, but so far have found nothing. I changed my View Mode to Tree View, but nothing appears applicable Programs files or any other that would identify emails. If someone knows how to "Recuva" deleted emails I sure would like to know. Thanks
  5. Hi: I deleted a specific email from Outlook Express 6 and ran Recuva Scan for the email Subject name, but could not find it. How are emails that have been deleted from Outlook Express identified from the files that Recuva identifies during scans? I would think deleted emails would be a file that would a lot of people would want to recover, but I could not identify any that I have deleted today.
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