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  1. Java still used for Base ... little else it seems! unlike the old days libo installs without incident if java is missing can't be many more versions until java is no longer used by libreoffice
  2. (Oracle) Java disabled in browser for a few weeks now & I notice no difference in any websites I use
  3. Greener computing? ... err ... keep using a computer until it's unrepairable & don't feel you have to update/upgrade whole thing every couple of years ... turn down brightness on lcd/led screens a few notches ... don't leave your computer cluttered with junk files, look after it & it'll last far longer ..............
  4. Have got both, dragon on my hard drive instead of chrome & iron running on portableapps in a partition .... have dragon set to use comodo dns ... like the way it has top left button to get into options & has simpler tabs compared to chrome ..... and it's got a built in site inspector top right, could be handy for potentially dodgy sites
  5. barky


    with u3 being a dead format, was killed off late 2009 --- new versions for u3 of anything must be rare now! I am surprised there are still a u3 versions of ccleaner & recuva ... would surprise me if they continue much longer now
  6. similar has happened to me before ... just deleted mouse driver, unplugged mouse, rebooted & let windows recognise mouse again
  7. Have avast free & comodo firewall running on my most used home laptop .... all comodo on another I use a bit less One that's all comodo is an older, lower spec XP laptop which definitely runs more smoothly at its manufacturer recommended maxxed out 2gig ram with comodo AV + firewall -- defense+ at clean PC mode (but initially run in training mode to avoid them pop-ups) & leave sandbox disabled unless trying out a new program
  8. thing with firefox & many others is the fixes all come quickly & are all declared, IE you have to wait weeks sometimes until next scheduled monthly updates.
  9. I notice IrfanView 4.28 has an official portableapps version recently added
  10. works perfectly for me too, lack of extensions had kept me on firefox 95% of the time -- now opera has extensions too I might use it more, must be a workaround to get the fast depleting old clunky IE specific sites working -- probably a security risk doing so though -- so something like the firefox 'open with' addon would do ... OK there are occasionally a few rendering differences partly down to poor website coding, lazy developers & ie6 compromises .... ... all down to preference really though, if you don't want to switch to using other browsers stick with what you know. I quite like opera 11, roll on 11.01 very soon ... lol
  11. barky

    Adobe Reader X

    i've had to remove readerX from a lowish spec pc -- used up far too much memory & slowed whole computer down -- have installed foxit instead
  12. there are only a limited number of times you can read & write to a flash drive ... defragging shortens the lifespan of flash memory drives & isn't necessary due to the way files are saved on them
  13. you cant defragment the system volume information files, they are the ones that come up as red when you analyse a drive & the bulk of them will be restore points. You wont need all these restore points so best thing to do is delete them, keeping most recent few --- I use Ccleaner to do this from time to time .. tools>system restore and delete all but the most recent 2 or 3 points. NOTE OF CAUTION: only delete these points if your computer is running smoothly
  14. have noticed that all to often the company users are utterly clueless about anything other than the MS Office they've been trained to use & company policy stops them from tinkering about (extremely limited users) --- company unwilling to switch because a different software suite means staff need training, productivity takes a dip in the learning period & they simply cant afford the downtime. plus of course they'd have to train up their tech dept who might only ever have used MS / MS Office. then there's networks tied to IE6.... vid is a piece of propaganda no doubts, but many would be scared to change to OOo/Lib0 and that vid plays on that fact + of course lucrative MS support contracts could be lost
  15. yep, the oracle version branded openoffice is now an inferior software suite compared with libreoffice which has more features ... apparently
  16. ^ not going to spend money on something I don't need for home use -- send me a copy of MS Office & I'll try it :lol: chose the (mostly) open source software & higher spec PC route a while back LibreOffice seems like it's a big jump from OOo ... but things still look familiar thankfully unlike the default gui settings on many modern internet browsers ... I'd choose a top menu every time .... add features & improve programs but leave basics alone
  17. never tried that ribbon thing -- like to stick with what i'm used to -- office 2003 & OOo depending on which computer i'm on
  18. Will switch to libreoffice when it goes out of beta --- seems it'll get updates more frequently than oracles version, be more compatible with latest MS office formats thanks to features of other OOo forks being included .... have a suspicion that OOo development has been slowed in recent times under some sort of agreement with MS .. am I imagining things?
  19. have a samsung r780 laptop here, much of the innards made by samsung (ram, motherboard, hdd etc)& spread out well to make heat a very small concern ... core i3 more than adequate for me, not being a gamer they seem to have a good range and as long as you don't specify corei7 reasonable affordable
  20. 10.63 downloadable from opera site Changelog HERE
  21. there was a rendering glitch or 2 in opera 10.60 which came along with a rushed release upgrade from 10.10 --- all fixed a while back suspect a fresh install will fix everything .... BUT Another option would be to try the USB version of opera FROM HERE extract to external drive, usb stick .... and there is a portableapps version in development which when ready would remove the need to extract the newest opera files when a new version comes as portableapps has the updater function built in (to 2.0 beta5 of their platform)
  22. Installed LibreOffice on an old computer, yep it installed over the old version of openoffice that was there without offering an alternate install location (well it is a beta) back to old OOo desktop icon & its gui icons seem bigger than OOo norm. lots of sponsors getting behind it & rumours oracle are heading towards a cloud office!
  23. barky

    Avast 5

    Installed Avast5 - allowing setup to uninstall 4.8 .... rebooted system & had a look @ the Avast features - clicked on scan computer & right hand side was blank as in zero options!! ... rebooted again and it all seems to work now
  24. I installed this nero free a few days back - huge disappointment & a gigantic download - far too basic to be of any use to me. best ignored
  25. have installed IE8 on xp sp3 & have no problems, had the betas & rc1 on too & they presented no problems either - I do have .NET 3.5 sp1 & the others with a red mark in that installed btw made the error of not uninstalling the beta before adding the rc - fortunately no problems the handy tuneup registry cleaner might have helped me avoid slow downs?
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