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  1. I tested 1.05 version and no memory leak this time ! It's "good to go" for me !
  2. hi. i have a similar bug. I posted here : http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=12274 the recovering process seem to stop when memory is full (if you use 1.04 version). i use the 1.03 beta instead... i didn't try the 1.05
  3. Ok thanks i test the 1.03 beta version and the bug is not present ! so i hope my post will help to polish the next one !
  4. i use the debug mode and here the file and a screen of my task manager with memory usage Error_Log_17_9_2007.txt Error_Log_17_9_2007.txt
  5. Hello ! I lose a great numbers of files (2000 or more) with a bug caused by another software. Approxmatively 90Go of data loss. I decided to test recuva in his final version 1.04.104. I selected the files i wanted and push the button ... and some minutes later recuva stop. i checked the result and only a small nmber of my files was recover. I decided to retry and monitor at the same time the task manager. i chose only 30 or 40 files to recover and this time it work ! BUT the memory usage was climbing ! every files restored seem staying in main memory ! and the restoration proc
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