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  1. Ah..........well I am so glad for that. That will teach me to keep reading. Just a shame that its now being bragged about on another forum I belong and its getting bad reviews. Off now to put them at ease. Thanks.
  2. http://en.onsoftware.com/the-dangers-of-using-ccleaner/ Can someone please explain. Are we having problems with CCleaner? Is it safe to use? Should I be worried?
  3. I too find the latest edition of CC a pain. It is now cleaning out all my AVG incavi.avm files. I have searched and have found out that this is the virus definition files. As being on a limited broadband MB, I find this an intrusion to my MB usage. Have now disabled AVG cleaning until a solution is found. And by asking on other forums, it seems I am not the only one.
  4. Well, I have gone back to 1.41.544 until they sort this out. You can find it at Major Geeks. http://majorgeeks.com/CCleaner_Portable_d5735.html
  5. Same here. I just posted in Bug Report and didnt realise this post.
  6. Newbie here not sure if its in the right place. I just updated today to 2.00.500 and I find my Recently Typed URLs have been deleted. I have the box unchecked. I never changed anything and always updated the usual way and never had a problem. I rely on my typed URLs. I have also noticed my Cookies disappear, I just had to replaced all my cookies to keep. What happened. Bug? Running Windows XP pack 2 and IE.7
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