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  1. do the dev's offten replay to forum posts?
  2. I too would love this feature. now that 2.0 is so portable I can throw it on a server, put a shortcut on the users desktops, and they can run it on their systems. since these systems have upwards of 5 or so users on them it would be amazingly nice to have it take care of all accounts. though maybe not as a default, but for sure as an option.
  3. since upgrading to CCleaner 2.0 final, it seems to be unable to clear any of the files in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. now the older 1 series does this without problem. would really like that back. I love how portable 2.0 is. infact i have it installed on a server at work and have made a custom set of rules for it with the export INI feature and have just put a shortcut on the users desktops. and that works great.....except that it wont clear that location. ALSO I would love it to be implimented (as a non default option) to have it be able to clean that folder for all users. What do you guys think?
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