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  1. I think you are out of luck...this problem has been posted many times with no replys,hey its free so im sure they dont care...sorry
  2. I reinstalled version 1.41.544 and it works perfect..I am just wondering if my problem with version 2 is a bug ,and will it be fixed?im fine using the old version if the new version will be fixed,i just need to know if this is a confirmed bug or just a problem for me..But i have seen other post about this so i cant be the only one.. and no reply..thanks in advance
  3. I use ie7 , opera, and mozilla as browsers .. Its the ie temp internet files that dont get cleaned..The box is check to be cleaned but they are still there..if this is built in why should i need to add the folders myself? I use win xp..Also my offline webpage folder is not being cleaned as well..I never had any of these problems untill the last update to version 2
  4. I Have the same problem With The Temp Folders not being cleaned...The 48hr box is unchecked for me..So that didnt help ...Is This A confirmed Bug That Will Be Fixed? Or is this just a problem for a few? Anyone know?
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