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  1. Hey guys, I have the solution for this issue! All today I have run CCleaner and always the same bug. By chance, I discovered that if you go to Option---> Advanced---> check "Show detailed log of Internet Explorer temporary files" then run CCleaner and...the bug disappears! Cheers Titano
  2. Ciao Whiteshark thank for your interest Before posting here, I also used the procedure that you described. Really, I use it toghether with CCleaner...frequently I tried the same in SAFE BOOT, but the bug persists. But I' m not alone having noticed this little bug. Please see here (Credo che nei prossimi giorni convenga unirle) http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=14094 Ciao
  3. Ciao Today I have installed the new version and noticed a little bug: when I run more times "Run Cleaner" , in up of program appears ALWAYS "2.23MB removed" even if in "IE Temporary Internet Files" folder, the files are correctly deleted. This is a snap shot of it Moreover, unfortunately, I have ascertained that the new version still presents the unexpectedly shuting down, fully described here http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=13508 and here http://support.online-armor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2511 Cheers Titano
  4. Hi Hazelnut, my version is in Italian, but in "Option-->Settings-->Language, choosing "English", doesn't resolve the shutting down. Since I have opened this 3D, I have done many investigations on Microsoft site and...yes I have already read that article... and many others too (I have tried this one http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...99-220b62a191ee). But there are no solutions for my issue over there Moreover, this language for me is...incomprehensible
  5. Thank you for your reply JDPower. Time ago (and again minutes ago), I have tried it, but...it doesn't resolve the issue regarding the unexpected shutting down of CCleaner Ciao Titano
  6. UP! Excuse me, but...does this issue have been resolved or not? Please let me know Thanks Regards Titano
  7. I'm here again to report an error message I got minutes ago. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: C:\Programmi\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe R6025 -pure virtual function call Hoping it can be useful I wish a Merry Christmas to everyone!
  8. Hi Htome It's very strange this kind of error happens only to me... Anyway...If I use CCleaner is everything all right, while using the 2.03.532, I have to follow the expedients described in post n 10. Thank you for your interest to my question Titano
  9. You're welcome Htome! I'm very glad when make myself useful Ciao Titano
  10. Ciao Htome I'll try to explain that I have discoverd using your intelligent procedure, but I have to state in advance that the error massage rarely appears, because CCleaner 99.999% shuts down very very fastly! Well, I have discovered that the problem is not caused by just one task alone. Checking and UNchecking one task at a time, CCleaner is OK. The problem appears when they are checked in combination! In detail: CCleaner works like a charm when the only "Windows Explorer -->Recent Document" is UNchecked and the other tasks are all Checked (both groups "Internet Explorer" and "Windows Explorer" and "System" ); CCleaner shows the problem when "Autocomplete Form History" and "Recent Document" are both checked, and all of other tasks are UNchecked. Hope I've made myself clear. Thanks again for your interest to my problem Ciao
  11. First of all I excuse me for the lot of posts in this 3D. For the moment I have solved the problem switching to CCleaner v1.41.544. It works like a charm! Probably the last versions of CCleaner ( from 2.00) conflict with "Online Armor" in my sistem. I don't know why... Hope that programmers of this fantastic program solve the little bugs which are still afflicting the last versions of it (those with new GUI). Ciao Titano
  12. Hi Hazelnut. There are no clues in my event viewer. My sistem is Ok (I have recently formatted my hard disk). In my life this is the first time I got this kind of errors from CCleaner. I re-write the error message, hoping in some help (I don't understand it, unfortunately I'm not a programmer ) Critical Error A Critical error has occurred in CCleaner, the application must now close. Error description: The thread attempted to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. (This language for me is such as the chinese ) Thanks in advance Titano
  13. This is the error message I got few minutes ago I hope it's possible to read it Thanks to all Errore_CCleaner.doc Errore_CCleaner.doc
  14. Hazelnut, thanks for the reply. Before installing Online Armor, my ex firewall was "Dynamic Security Agent" by Privacyware, and I never had this kind of problem with CCleaner. At this point I suspect that new firewall has changed something in my sistem, that I don't understand. That's all. Titano
  15. Over 100 million downloads....but....have just I this kind of problem around the world? I'm a bit frustrated! Thanks in advance
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