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  1. Clicking sounds indicate to me danger. Some type of clicking sound is heard before the hard drive dies. So to be at the safer side back up all your important data otherwise you would also face the same situation which I was in some time back. I heard the clicking sound of the hard drive but doesn't given importance to it and I ended up loosing up the valuable data. I tired data recovery software but with no use as they doesn't recover from physically damaged hard drive. So its better to take precaution and back up your important data to avoid any data loss.
  2. You can even try out Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software to recover your data from formated hard drive. Stellar Phoenix is a file and partition recovery utility which recovers lost data due to software malfunction, viruses, file/directory deletion or even sabotage. Download the demo version from: http://www.stellarinfo.com/partition-recovery.htm Demo shows the preview of the recovered data.
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