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  1. I think your idea that this is an error in Chrome is absurd... but I repeat, why does an earlier version of CCleaner (3.03) work when the new one does not? It appears that there is a way to clean Chrome but the developers have somehow removed this feature.
  2. I could... but that would be a pain. I hope this will be addressed in future releases because I imagine a lot of people use Chrome because of the syncing features.
  3. Thanks for the reply... I don't use cloud printing (whatever that is) and I will not turn off sync for any reason (it's one of the reasons I like Chrome). The profile location is the default one. And again, why does an earlier version of CCleaner work when newer ones won't?
  4. Ever since v3.04 CCleaner doesn't work with Google Chrome. When I analyse, the list of files to be cleaned doesn't show ANY Chrome data. If I use version 3.03 of CCleaner, it works fine. What gives? Am I the only one noticing this problem? I'm using Win7x64 w/latest stable build of Chrome (13.xxx). Thanks.
  5. I figured... and since I'm on the beta channel of Chrome, chances are I'll never get a current version of CC working with it. I'm curious, though. Why does an earlier version of CC work? I'm using 3.03 still which cleans chrome just fine.
  6. I know this has been posted before but I don't see any recent updates to the issue. Has any work been done towards getting CC to work with Chrome? When I run CC, it doesn't see ANY Chrome files... Period. I'm using the latest version of both softwares with Win7x64.
  7. That may be but at least the developer now knows that there could be a big bump in the road ahead...
  8. Same with me. I'm using W7x64 with Chrome Beta. I didn't have this problem until I installed the latest version of CC. Problem not solved.
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