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  1. If you constantly remove prefetch data in using CCleaner, you will have your computer working slower, so you better remove this kind of cleaning as an automatic procedure.


    One wonders why CCleaner had this function activated primarily.


    It is correct that an abundance of accumulation of prefetch data can be a nuissance. Removing of prefetch data can be restricted to one or twice in a year.



    Some comments, please.

  2. Opening the CCleaner warned about new update. Is that comparable with a promissed and accepted automatic update. My joke the result of the maneuvre fully acceptable.


    Marvellous program.

  3. Retired medical doctor old and worn out, who the first 2 years after retirement on a voluntary basis worked in a leprosy colony.


    Got my first computer 2 years ago. First periode agonising but also very interessant.


    Recently got CCleaner and I am very impressed and happy to use it.


    All the way managed without help.


    Weak and dying the computer is my only way of social contact.


    Praised be the Lord.

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