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  1. Viennas

    Reformatting HD

    I hope I can help... but I'm sure it will work, Windows should install any drivers needed, if he did not use a CD I'm sure there would be no hassle, did very little it seems other then made sure it was set up right which is pretty easy, possibly give him a call or google such, also, you could note down any info that you believe may be needed for the next install. XP SP3 is recommended, yes
  2. I never used to read the analysis log, but I now read this, yes I do prefer it.
  3. Foxit is VERY good and lightweight, and your second question, flash viewer? you mean flash player? There is silverlight, by Microsoft, but flash is more widely used.
  4. Because TuneUp clears such files, doesn't mean CCleaner should, CCleaner is the safest app I've ever used, if you want to remove such items, add to the inclde this or something, or use that software.
  5. I think a great feature would be one that removes items of choice, from the right click context menu, loads of junk in there a lot of time after installing software, would be nice to have this feature.
  6. I believed it haha damn how could i!
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