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  1. Thanks a million for implementing the requested feature!!
  2. I will be pleased if I hear some official words from the developers.
  3. My point is: If Windows inbuild cleanup utility can delete the restore points.....why can't CCleaner can?
  4. To the OP 1. Windows Defrag utility cannot defrag pagefile, system file, currently executed files, MFT data and MFT file zone. It simply defrags the resident idle files. So......its worth purchasing advanced defrag utility, I'll personally recommend you to try Raxco Perfect Disc, cuz its a Microsoft Gold Certified partner: a bit rare certification which Microsoft entitles upon vigorous testing. Download the trial version and run a system file defragmentation (the button on the top of the program window). 2. Use BartPE (freeware) to create an excellent rescue disk (works like a charm )
  5. As I said before most PC users do not bother to slide down the slider to 5% quota. I see no harm in implementing the feature......if Windows inbuild cleanup utility can have this feature.....why not CCleaner have? No harm in deleting the old system restore points, which the System Restore utility cannot access due to malfunction in the clock......totally......harmless.......
  6. Pleased to hear a word from the developers.
  7. One more thing......if your clock gets reset accidentally, system restore points cannot be deleted using the inbuild Windows cleanup utility.....they occupy 12% of HDD space. And if your clock keeps on resetting then your HDD gets bloated with restore points..... Its terribly vital to have this feature: to clear up most of the restore points...
  8. Do the developers read the threads in this forum regularly?
  9. Most probably its a bug! How to report it to the developers?
  10. Yes, every single of file association gets deleted.....and I have to re-register them again.......... I'm sure it's a bug.
  11. Well, most users do not bother to slide down the slider, majority of the PCs have the quota set to 12%. Moreover if there is a malfunction in the Windows Clock then system restore points disappear from the restore tool even though they exist. And the default Windows Cleanup utility does NOT delete them........................ Do you now understand the sensitiveness of Restore Points: complete dependency on Windows Clock...
  12. Although the files extensions have been associate with Acdsee.....CCleaner removes the association unnecessarily.....take a look at the screenshot.
  13. It would be great if CCleaner can clean up old system restore points.....BECAUSE they occupy 12% of net HDD space. It would really be an awesome feature. Also SP3 uninstaller cleaner would be real wow.......although CCleaner has Hotfix cleaner....but it lacks SP's uninstaller cleaner.
  14. I'm using Windows XP Professional SP2. To reproduce the bug click on "tools" in CCleaner and Uninstall any software using CCleaner. The bug will be reproduced.
  15. Hello, After installation of CCleaner the add/remove programs in control panel gets corrupted. I mean to say that it looses its original appearance and gives a weird look. That's a bug I've confirmed on my friend's PC too and should be fixed.
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