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  1. I have an SSD and windoes 10 - curious if anyone figured out this system restore point debacle.
  2. I have windows 10 if any one has a solution. I too (last year) have tried the same “solutions” as noted by pcfytv.
  3. Sometime back so firget which version of CC and thus does not matter, I uninstalled CC and for a few days concluded its not CCleaner but windows 10 itself. I gave up. I back up stuff to the cloud and a second hard drive and use Aoemi backerupper, so when this pc dies, not the end of the world.
  4. I have stopped using CCleaner all together. Now back to just using the systems disk clean up.
  5. Imacri - thanks for explaining. Thx- sethm1.
  6. Ill give that a try. Not quit a fan of the Privacy eraser. i have been using my iPad much more than the desktop. So my problem with restore points been less important. I run Aleomi backerupper weekly, so if pc goes “south” I am not too concerned.
  7. My pc is 64 bit. I also have ccleaner portable on my desk top - guess it should be on a thumbdrive. At this point though, i’ve pretty much given up and will live with the RP issue - but will certainly come back here in hopes seeing the responses and suggestions.
  8. Windows 10 defrag/optimize was off. I have an ssd. i then opened Samsung Magician. On the Performance Optimize screen one was started but was stopped at 50%. I reinitiated, so will see if any affect.
  9. Its a Home version. agree wont mess with those. as noted previously - this has been a constant problem since putting 10 on this pc about 3 weeks ago. I think any updating not the issue, that this is a deeper Windows issue.
  10. Neither of those 2 Windows 10 bullet points are what i am experiencing. i have allocated 9% or 20.91 GB. Now up until today the current usage was hovering around 3 GB. Tonite it shows 17.25 GB used but there are only 3 showing restore points.
  11. I do not have a RPLifeInterval entry. Should I? Will creating one correct my problem ? Adding a screen shot of the System Restore folder. The one item I am concerned with is the RestoreStatusDescription. But what about the others? And note the subfolder "Error Report files" that was not there before all this started.
  12. Thanks, in my case even just one restore point disappears - after about 4 hrs and on a daily/continued basis.
  13. Ive been running the pc without ccleaner and malware bytes all week. Weds i “installed” this time the portable version of ccleaner. Ran the cleaner and then the registry cleaner - but only deleted entries of the programs I uninstalled sine last weekend. Last nite installed and ran malware bytes - which reported pc being clean. so far with all this testing, I dont think its any of the 3rd party programs or the antivirus program. I had uninstalled webroot and began using Windows Defender - but even with Defender I was losing the restore points. How did you add “Scheduled Checkpoint” ? I tried setting up so that a restore point would be created each time I boot up - but cant. Its weird, its as if the system shows Restore points enabled but actually its not.
  14. Well guess i was wrong. I think it is a windows os issue.
  15. Update: I think the culprit is Webroot secure Anywhere. I am not (yet?) convinced its a Windows OS issue. Its now 7:30 and earlier restore points still showing. So after removing : Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, Aomei Backupper, CCleaner & running error checker, chkdsk /F C. I then uninstalled the Webroot (now using Windows Defender). My manually created restore points have NOT disappeared since uninstalling Webroot. SO, there must have been a settiing within Webroot affecting System Restore and VSS. I would like to think that Webroot a better A/V then Defender - so have asked Webroot Tech folks for a fix. Oh and also last nite I changed the virtual memory/page file from system managed to mim of 16,384 and Max of 49,152 - I have 16GB or RAM. But that did not seem to work.
  16. Storage Sense is disabled. Yes I had deleted Malwarebytes & CCleaner. I just removed Webroot and now using Windows Defender. Created a restore point and will check again around 6:30/7pm. Also just did a reboot (wonder if I should have done a full shutdown and then a start up). Also removed Aomie Backerupper - just in case that was the culprit. If then ALL good, then my problem is with Webroot and not sure where the setting within it might be that is removing restore points.
  17. Attaching the log. And regarding the mention of the tool in that #2 post you mentioned. I thought it was part of an add, so I overlooked it. Also including Webroot system scan. (only one issue found - something about explorer.exe - but not clear what exactly). I am about to uninstall CCleaner. The manual restore points from this am are gone already so the mention above about 6pm not a factor or a clue. And I got rid of Norton as it was causing a lot of other issues. And not sure if restore points missing then as was not paying attention. Also since then, one of the microsoft solutios was to turn off the System Restore Point feature - so of course any old ones I had are long gone. Now using Webroot Secure Anyware - as it came with the Best Buy Geek squad 1 yr protection. If after removing CCleaner my just now created restore point is missing in 2 hrs, then I'll remove Webroot and use the Windows Defender. If still then same restore problem with Defender - then this must be a Windows OS issue. I may not be back on the forum for another 2 yrs... mbst-clean-results.txt SysAnalyzerLog-Wed_2018-07-04_12-59-56.log
  18. I removed Malwarebytes but still have the problem. I have not yet removed Ccleaner. An odd thing is that yesterday a short day at work, so came home and began toying with the PC. Created a manual restore point and all seemed fine until the evening. So IS something on the system wiping points out after 6pm or just a big coincidence? anything noticble from my Wiztree scan?
  19. attaching Wiztree screen shot. Does not seem excessive to me.
  20. I dont have the mft ck’d. I thought the problem of disappearing restore points caused by 3rd party program/scan - but i think its Windows. last nite when i logged in I created a restore point. Then another hr later. Then another. By 10 pm - all gone !
  21. Have version 1803. And Storage Sense was turned off.
  22. Andavari - Thx, but i tried that. The restore are not showing in pc's restore points either.
  23. Windows 10 CCleaner version 5.44.6675 I successfully create manual system restore points. I typically clean the PC with CCleaner (but not the registry cleaner feature). But when I shut down and reboot the next day, they are gone. Is there a setting in CCleaner I need to change?
  24. I unchecked each option (in the Registry cleaner section. It was the "Installer" feature that gives me the No Disk error. I am using an older version of CCleaner for now.
  25. CCleaner v. 2.23.993 Vista SP2 Home Prem- 64 Bit When I run the Registery scan an error window pops up: "No disk in Drive - Please insert a disk- \Device\harddisk 6\DR6 " What does it mean, is there a fix?
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