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  1. forgot to say I am waiting on an reply from Hitache but you lot might be quicker ( Hitache is not all that great when support is requests )
  2. Hello Guys.Girls,Aliens, and reptiles and anyone else that the afore mentioned missed I have a laptop ( medion md6032 ) I was a good piece of kit when all worked well Of late the HDD is performing very badly 3 MB's read 1MB's write (according to (speedupmypc.exe) and (Dr Hardware 2005) I have installed the latest drivers from SIS ( SIS is the System board, motherboard, mainboard, planerboard ,call it what you like for the laptop ) for everyrging ( PCI, USB, AGP Soundcard ) but no luck I tried Hitache ( HDD ) manufacturer to get a solution They have some drive diagnostic software that can fix or test your drive I tried this ( test only as fix will destroy data ) but the test does not return a vailid reslult the software starts then drops to a dos cmd prompt showing Unhandled Execption 000d at 00B7 224E ErrCode 7520 Any help would be appriciated especialy other drive diagnostic software that has an ISO to copy to CD as my laptop has no FDD Cheers
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