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  1. Unistall your version of CCleaner and re-install it. When you do you will see a list of settings DO NOT select "Replace task Manager" this will cure most of your problems. While you are there de-select any other options that may interfere with you OS settings. Checkmate444
  2. November 26, 2007 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Dear CCleaner Forum; I would like to inquire if others have observed the folowing problem and if they know of a solution. When running CCleaner I have several cookies that I wish to retain. I use the Opera Web Browser and I have found that the list of cookies that it keeps is not displayed in the CCleaner cookie dialog. Subsequently all the cookies saved by Opera are deleted if I have that function selected in CCleaner's settings I would like the option that exists for IE and Firefox that allows me to keep selected cookies. Otherwis
  3. August 31, 2007 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I've been using CCleaner for over a year now and it remains the best application of it's sort available either for free or purchase. With each upgrade I can't help but think how the staff at Piriform are really in tune with what their customers need and are looking for. I'm looking forward to using the dfrag application that is due out soon. I tip my hat to the software engineers and programers at Piriform. Well done! Checkmate444
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