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  1. Does CCleaner not clean flash cookies? If not, how can you add this to CCleaner. Thanks.
  2. CCleaner 2.30.1130 Windows 7 x64 Norton nternet Security 2010 Everytime I run a Norton AV scan *after* using CCleaner, it (Norton) always finds anywhere between 3-9 "tracking cookies" that were left behind and NOT removed by CCleaner (see image). Is there a reason why CCleaner is not removing ALL cookies on my system? By it's DEFAULT settings, are there folders that it does not clean that may contain browser cookies? Can someone please tell me how to correct this (adjusting settings maybe)? Thanks.
  3. Hi Willy2. Thanks or your help. Your suggestion worked. CCleaner now recognizes IDM in the application tab. I'm using the current version and I believe that the entry in in 'Winappi2.ini' file applies to an older version of IDM. Thanks again.
  4. Hi DennisD. Thanks for your reply. Yes I checked all sections under the applications tab and IDM was not listed. My OS is Windows 7 Home (x64). Unfortunately I can't add the IDM's temp folder to CCleaner because Win 7 won't let me open up certain system folders like Application Data and Documents and Settings (some stupid security feature). Hopefully someone can fix this issue because IDM leaves a lot of temp files behind. Thanks.
  5. I added the following command (below) to CCleaner's winapp2.ini file but Internet Download Manager does NOT show up under "Applications." Can you please confirm this. Also what are the commands to ADD the 'downloaded temp folder' to CCleaner? Thanks.
  6. Can someone tell me how to add NEWSLEECHER (temps files + folders) in CCleaner? It's not listed in the program entries for winapp2.ini and I was wondering if someoine knew what exactly should be cleaned from NewsLeecher. Thanks.
  7. This issue has still NOT been resolved......even with the latest v2.00.500 build. Any reason WHY this has not been fixed, even after 3 released beta builds???
  8. Since the release of the 2.0 BETA version (including the build 495)....I've noticed that NOT all my temporary internet files are being cleaned by CCleaner. In order to completely remoce all files, I have to use Windows Xp disk cleanup. Is this a known "bug" or just perhaps a settings issue that I have overlooked. BTW, I have un-ticked the option in CCleaner "only delete files in Wondows temp folders older than 48 hours."
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