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  1. Haha, thanks me! oh thanks!

    First someone thanks me! :D


    <dances around>


    I am so happy!






    I really cannot distinguish whether you are being sarcastic or serious....

    If you are serious...Well thanks again...


    If you are sarcastic .. well you need to work on taking a compliment better.... :)

  2. I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to many people that post on CCleaner Forum. Although , I haven't posted here for about 6 months , I have been fairly busy.

    I am not sure many of the people can remember me but I started posting on this forum back when I started to have problems with my home desktop PC ( Win98 OS) and also my dinosaur NT at work..Well , to make a long story short , since then I have a new home desktop PC and a new P-4 work desktop. :)


    Here are some stats on my home desktop :


    Gateway (refurbished) 700GR desktop

    Intel P-4 w/HT technology

    1.0 GB Ram (expandable to 2.0GB)

    250 GB HDD

    Radeon ATI 300XSE video card

    Win XP Home OS (sp2 upgraded)


    Anyway : here are some of the people I would like to thank for the many frustrating hours spent trying to upgrade and troubleshoot some of the problems I have had with my old Win98 OS..... If I have left anyone out , you know who you are , please accept my gratitude and thanks.. :)



    Tarun ( special thanx for the hijack log analysis)

    Twisted Metal





    Eldmannen ( thanks for the 2 cents)

    Mr. Brownstone

  3. Installed a GEForce FX-5200 PCI 128 MB video card .

    I have had troubles loading the games . The screen goes black and shells back to the desktop with the 3d disabled and the Direct Draw Accelerators disabled.

    I have directx 9.0c which the card supports and it supports my Win98 OS.

    dxdirect shows 3D enabled and Direct Draw Accelerators enabled except after I try to play the games. The onboards are disabled and everything else seems to be OK.


    I ran MSInfo32 to look at any conflicts and there were none but I noticed Under the components heading display my nvidia drivers are sharing with a few other old onboard drivers . I tried driver cleaner and it did delete the old drivers but they are still in the system info. My Bios is pretty much set correctly.


    I did notice when I was running the onboard graphics that I could play my games and the AGP Accelerator was enabled in the dxdiag display.Not so with the nvidia installation. Is there something here...? Any suggestions would be kosher <_<

    I am at a TOTAL LOST as to what the fix could be.

    A simple frickin video card install and this crap happens...Frustrated... B)

  4. Thanks...I just tried that..it didn't work...same problem exists even with "last known good



    still waiting for other suggestions...thanks






    Thanks again for everyone'd help...I really appreciate it.




    In the future get ConfigSafe software..You can take a snapshot of your system when everything is running OK.....and when problems occur you can restore the configuration to a previous snapshot..This has saved my 6 many x's...

    For now , try going to the microsoft download page and downloading the lastest Service Pack...then install and reboot... B)

  5. capman,

    what i mean is that when i open my favourites menu and open a program from there ,the page opens with Tiscali at the top instead of google but since i have deleted Tiscali browser ,this doesn't happen anymore .sorry about not making that clear . :)





    Check to see if you have a Tascali taskbar . Open add/remove programs and remove the task bar that obviously came with the Taiscali browser.....Sounds like the taskbar was left behind after the uninstall.... B)

  6. 1) I have a Dell Dimension computer (desktop).


    2) The model is 4400.


    3) The Operating System is Windows 2000 (it states built on NT technology).


    4)It appears that my graphics driver has been inadvertently uninstalled (or, simply deleted)...not sure which? As a result, her wallpaper, icons and pictures now have a grainy appearance. Anyway, is a graphics driver the same as a video card/driver...are these the same as a vga...is this the same as a display driver? Also, fyi...when you right click on the screen, click properties, click settings, click advanced, click adapter...it states "unavailable" for each item in Adapter Information (e.g., chip type, dac type, memory size, adapter string, bios information).


    5) I have been on the Dell and Microsoft web sites trying to find info on a compatible adapter, as well as getting it downloaded.


    6) I downloaded a couple of drivers that were supposedly compatible...NVIDIA Geforce3 Ti 200 and NVIDIA Geforce3 Ti 500. Dell referred to them as video card drivers. Unfortunately, I really do not know the type of driver that came with my unit.


    7) The downloaded drivers do not show up on the Add or Delete Program listings...should they? The old one that was uninstalled/deleted showed up on this listing as a Display Driver.


    8) Once downloaded, does a driver have to be configured or started...if so, how?


    9) Needless to day, I can't get it working. If it is working correctly, shouldn't it show up on the adapter tab (see #4 above).





    This happened to me one time...I went the microsoft download website and downloaded the latest Service Pack.....The problem with the grainy screen was cleared up..This is an e-z fix and is worth trying before you get into the video card delimma.......

  7. Thank you for reply!




    #1 You should have the power supply info. with the video card you purchased , if not go to their website and find out what the power supply requirements are.


    #2 250Watts should be sufficient to run the video card , How many other devices do you have plugged in ...ex..Plug-n-Play devices that may be hogging the juice. Try unplugging a few devices and then run your video card and if it works , the power source is your problem.


    #3 Check your IRQ setups and see if there are any conflicts.There might be conflicts.


    #4 Sometimes , if you have onboard video graphics check with the video card instructions on "How to Install" and make sure you do or don't have to uninstall the onboard graphics.....

  8. Pains getting the video card to work with games.

    The games try to load then unload..

    Installed correctly in the PCI slot , current drivers are installed and DirectX 9.0 installed. <_<

    I disabled the onboard drivers also.


    I went thru the procedure to install several x's and I am getting nowhere.I am calling Tech support Monday.

    Any suggestions will be entertained. :rolleyes:



    Well, problem might be my system can only handle 145 watts and the card needs more. I will know more after conversation w/ Tech today....

  9. I love talking with my parents and my in-laws about how things were in the past, especially life during WW2. Not so long ago I was searching for something on the internet and stumbled across a very informative site about life in the war, it kept me engrossed for hours, even though it was not what I was originally looking for.


    When you were younger you probably got up to mischief as I and probably almost most kids did/do, but nowadays the kids seem to take it to a new level.


    We have a phase going on over here labelled "happy slapping", which involves a youngster slapping a random person around the face whilst being filmed on a mobile phone (cell phone), by one of their friends, the images are very quickly sent to all their mates, and then from them to others, latest case reported on the news was of it happening to an 82 year old lady, it is senseless and disrespectful, and makes you wonder what sort of a sick world do we live in nowadays.


    Hope it is not happening in USA, and never does.


    Sorry for that turning into a bit of a rant, but life today is not what it used to be.





    If someone (a guy) slapped me for no apparent reason , He would be on the ground before he knew what hit him..As for a girl slapping me ...well I would take by the arm to the nearest alley and.....x-rated from hereonin.

  10. I don't know, isn't that the whole point of this thread. It's pointless and doesn't make any sense.




    One good thing about this pointless thread is people answered it..I am somewhat perplexed but not surprised by the responses...BTW ...I do have Geico car insurance and I do like their commercials even though the commercials may be a tad stupid...

  11. 11 cat years maybe, that makes him 77 human years.




    Actually that would be incorrect....

    Recent studies have discovered the 1st 2 years of a dog or cat are equivalent to 9 years human life.Any thing after 2 years would be 7 years......So , actually that would make him 81 years old in cat years..... :)

  12. So was it a profile problem?  I'm curious cause the feedback helps me learn.




    No Sir,

    In the options of firefox I changed the connections....the default connection is "direct connection to the internet". I just changed the connection to "auto-detect proxy settings to this network" :D


    We are on a Peer to Peer Network Configuration with "Linksys" router connection,I felt this was the obvious setting in the firefox program.


    No but seriously... NT 4.0 is satan's operating system.  I work with it occasionally here and it's junk.




    Agreed w/the NT4.0 being junk...

    Wanted to tick you off ...Guess I succeeded... :lol:

    There is only one Eldmannen...Hey.....

    Anyway , I think I have it nipped in the bud...Thanks for replying to my posts and giving your advice..... :D

  14. Got rid of the old firefox and thunderbird exe. and downloaded new.

    Installed new firefox & thunderbird exe. rebooted and firefox loaded just fine.....


    Changed the connection settings to auto-detect proxy settings for this connection and I think this is what did it...

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