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  1. I'm one who complained about the typed url bug in v. 2, so thanks for the fix. I'll be more patient next time.
  2. Still, these version 2s all clean the IE typed urls from the browser drop down list even when the clean box for typed urls is unchecked. Reinstalling the pre version 2 resolves the issue. Why hasn't this bug been looked at? For the previous post...you may install the new version over existing versions, or you may opt for a clean install nonetheless. Have others checked this function for typed urls?
  3. Like the two recent betas, the RC also wipes out typed URLs in IE browser drop down list even though clean box is deselected. Why so hard to fix this obvious bug? Reverting back to pre-beta version solves this issue.
  4. Running XPsp2. So I've returned to pre-beta version to avoid this bug.
  5. Running XPsp2. The latest beta version is removing the typed URLs in my IE7 browser drop down list, even though the clean box is deselected. I've returned to the latest pre-beta version to avoid this bug.
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