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  1. Thanks Nergal for knowing what is causing that entry to show up in registry cleaner and it can not delete it. I never thought that NORTON had a hidden entry in the registry like that. I will ignore it each time I run registry cleaner but still remains a mystery why it took so many runs before I caught it in REGISTRY CLEANER.
  2. The TypeLib referenced at: Interface\{C0282E26-E060-44c9-B0FF-1AC71180D653} could not be located. These references are often left behind after uninstalling software. Solution: Delete the registry key. Once I request it to fix and it says it did. However, it comes up each time I request a registry clean. APPEARS TO HAVE A BUG TO ME SINCE THIS SHOWS SAME Typelib each time I run it for months. SHOULD I GO regedit? VISTA ULTIMATE... Always shows the following in registry clean: Missing typelib IWinPwdSvc Unable to delete this in registry key
  3. Looks like this Beta 2 of CC fixed MISSING DLL's not being cleared out. Using previous release (1.41.544), I could not remove the DLL's. Each time it said it cleaned but it did not because if I reran ANALYZE and remove the same number of missing DLL's showed up in VISTA ULTIMATE. LATEST VERSION OF VISTA ULTIMATE 32 BIT. Now, the only thing that still bugs me is why I can never clean up WINDOWS totally. I guess VISTA or applications or constantly refilling some small portions. Back in XP, I usually could get everything down to zero (0) bytes to remove. JUST LIKE TO HEAR FROM THE EXPERTS TO CLEAR UP my doubts.
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