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  1. 9 hours ago, Andavari said:

    They need to be very clear on needing a Microsoft account because there's confusion about it, such as; One reviewer on YouTube stated one was needed for Win10 Home, and that it had to be left enabled in order to use Win11 - so in other words according to his evaluation you can't just create it for installation only, and then go back to only using a local account.

    I for one don't care to ever have a Microsoft account let alone being forced to use it on an OS permanently, I mean they already know what the hardware is that it's installed on so they sure as hell don't need my credentials, and if that's the case I won't bother with Win11 and will just migrate to a Linux distro when Win10 is EOL in 2025.


    See here from elevenforum (big brother of tenforums)


  2. 9 hours ago, johnccleaner said:

    It's looking like these cache files may be stored in a different location per program (source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66438776/where-does-webview2-store-cookies-on-win-10 - the first/top reply), if I'm interpreting that correctly.

    Still, I confess to not at all being an expert on the intricoes of WebView2, and I'll be happy to get this suggestion to our development team for further investigation and consideration.

    Make sure to also check out the "CCleaner Ideas and Suggestions" link on the main section of the forum if you'd like to submit suggestions there or comment on any of the suggestions already submitted by our other users.

    Perhaps this may be a better read



    Google Translate....

    I can't get my attached extensions on the top right next to the address bar. Frustrating you want to use your extensions right, is this a bug? Oh well I found the solution, you have to press the extensions button and then choose pin, excuse me, nice browser

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