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  1. 43 minutes ago, EricaR said:

    I often get green screen when watching Instagram videos on Windows 10 using Mozilla firefox. But this doesn't happen on my Android when use the  Chrome. Does anybody know why this happens? everything are up to date and no any technical issue found.


    Try disabling Hardware Acceleration in Firefox settings.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Dave CCleaner said:

    But also nope 😛

    For paid users it will show their expiry status (so we don't need to pop-up to tell them about it all the time) and a 1-2 click path for expired to easily get back to the free version (vs the current uninstall/reinstall requirement) so they can stop being pestered that they have expired.


    I think we were talking about which Win 10 version and build.

  3. I use the inbuilt Win 10 Snip&Sketch (which offers to snip... now, 3 seconds time or 10 seconds time) Woks fine for screenshots and has basic editing tools.

    For things that are moving eg, what happens when I click on something, I use ScreentoGif.

  4. 44 minutes ago, nukecad said:

    Which Windows 10 version (and maybe build) would also be an improvement over just 'Windows 10 64-bit'.


    This would be handy.

    I'm not a fan of CCleaner querying Windows Security Center regarding AV used , which build etc.

    It's supposed to be a junk cleaner not a system interrogator !! Don't give them ideas:lol:

  5. 2 hours ago, stevecripe57 said:

    nukecad: Thank you for your understanding response and for not demeaning or "blaming" the customer, when all I did was what the instructions told me to do. How was I to know that you weren't having file puma do your downloads now? I have used CCleaner since it came about and always followed the directions given to me by the pop up boxes notifying me of a new version. The "strange behavior" I got did not affect my whole machine. The behavior I described only occurred after I did the download and install as I was directed by the pop up from Piriform on the previous version of CCleaner. Just like always, that's how you notify of updates. And the pop up I got said to click the link. The next thing I knew, I was at file puma site and the download of the new version had started.

    I don't appreciate being treated the way I was for reporting a bug that many others were having also. And I don't appreciate the thread being shut down by Dave and he announcing that the user (me) had a malware problem and disregard anything else I had to say.

    I'm done with CCleaner. I can't trust it and I certainly can't trust that my concerns, issues or any bug reports in the future will be taken seriously.



    Well certain people here have taken your concerns seriously Steve.

    You are welcome here anytime :)

  6. 20 minutes ago, Alejo2k said:

    Hi stevecripe57,

    I dont know exactly what your problem is, but I do have issues with ccleaner's latest version. My problem is ccleaner takes all the CPU usage making my devices unusable. It slows my PC and sometimes freezes it.

    It happens with three different devices, on desktop and two laptops. All under windows with the newer windows 10 2004 version.

    I raised the problem now as I had the hope ccleaner would release a new version soon to get it fixed.


    See nukecad's reply here



  7. Quote

    A threat actor is flooding a hacker forum with databases exposing expose over 386 million user records that they claim were stolen from eighteen companies during data breaches.

    Since July 21st, a seller of data breaches known as ShinyHunters has begun leaking the databases for free on a hacker forum known for selling and sharing stolen data.



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