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  1. that doesn't apply to me. Like I said,i'm running win7.
  2. what the hell is focus assist? settings, where????
  3. sorry, I don't wanna waste any more time with this. I'm on win 7x64, BTW. I just stopped leaving ccleaner running in the background/minimized. problem solved.
  4. still happening here. I opened CCleaner and not a minute went by before it stole the focus. SOMEBODY FIX THIS.
  5. Hi! I took me a while to figure this is out, but I finally did. When ccleaner is minimized to the system tray, it constantly (every 30s or so) steals the focus, so that -for example- I can not scroll a web page or type anything, because the input is not directed to the browser anymore. For example, watching a video on youtube in full screen, after a while, i can not return to normal mode by pressinng ESC, it doesn't work, i have to click on the image to get the focus back to the browser and then i can press ESC. Same thing happens when watcching a video, after a few seconds the mouse wheel stops responding and I have to click somewhere in the page to get the focus back. I tried a million things until I closed the systray icon: immediately fixed the issue. this is EXTREMELY ANNOYING and it disrupts whatever I'm doing every 30s or so. and it's not only the browser. For example, I open the task manager and after a few seconds, i can not scroll through the list of running processes with the mouse wheel, because ccleaner stole the focus. and so on... Edit: It also happens while minimized to the taskbar, you can phisycally see the focus go to ccleaner (the ccleaner taskbar icon gets hilighted by itself) Please fix it!
  6. so??? This IS a bug, it never happened before v5.62 and everything worked just fine (someone suggested this file is needed for cclener to work, which IS NOT TRUE)
  7. yes, you found the fix: Use a different AV
  8. Hi! Ever since v5.62 a file called uninstallitems.log started appearing in c:\temp. This fie is complete junk and IT DID NOT EXIST IN PREVIOUS VERSIONS. Why THE HELL haven't you fixed this?????
  9. version 5.64 released and this bug HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. what the hell is wrong with you?????
  10. unfortunately, we're kinda stuck with ccleaner, it's the best cleaner i've found.
  11. I'm gonna bump this thread, because it's been almost 4 months and still nothing on a new (bugfixed) version.
  12. a "couple of weeks"? it's dec/31 and there have been no new version for TWO MONTHS...
  13. OK, thanks, let's hope you fix this issue once and for all in the next release.
  14. 5.63 released today AND THEY DIDN'T FIX THIS BUG. Do these guys read the forums???? What's the point of reporting bugs IF THEY COMPLETELY IGNORE THEM?????
  15. Not only in Russian. The spanish version is also showing the wrong characters for accented letters like "á" or "í".
  16. Strangely enough, if c:\temp doesn't exist, then the file is not created. And it's not created in the default temp folder (c:\users\<username>\appdata\local\temp) or c:\windows\temp.
  17. Hi! ever since I installed version 5.62 I noticed hat every time I go into tools-->uninstall, immediately a file called uninstalitems.log is created in c:\temp. this file is garbage and completely useless. Could you guys fix this, please? ccleaner is supposed to clean crap, not create more...
  18. Download links fixed. thx!
  19. Ok, the changelog was updated (although, if you click on show the complete changelog, it stars with v5.46, not 5.47), but the download page stills lists v5.46 And, the links https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/standard https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/portable https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/slim get version 5.46, not 5.47!
  20. And where might the 6701 changelog be???? The changelog listed here:https://www.ccleaner.com/es-es/ccleaner/download is for v5.46
  21. Btw, I just checked https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds and the version listed there is 5.46. wtf??? was 5.47 pulled altogether?
  22. there's no changelog for the previous version (build 6701) either...
  23. Oh and BTW, BRING BACK windowsd.old cleaning. The excuse about broken video drivers is just lame. ANYONE who uses ccleaner knows how to re-install video drivers.
  24. it doesn't if you delete the ccupdate task from task scheduler. steps: -disable all monitoring. -remove the ccleaner /monitor startup entry. - close ccleaner - kill ccleaner/ccleaner64 task -delete ccupdate scheduled task that works. tested. be careful NOT to uncheck the option to show cc in the system tray or else cc disappears when minized (yet ANOTHER bug in this awful version)
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