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  1. Most people seem to be much more forgiving and trusting than I am. Or perhaps less risk-averse. I've used several Piriform products for years, and paid for CCleaner Professional a couple years ago, but I'm done. I did not realize until very recently that new settings had been added that have been compromising my privacy behind my back. All I did was run the updater; no notice was given. When you also consider the CCleaner update malware compromise from awhile back, you hopefully realize that this software should not be used. Excuses and promises don't cut it. I will never use an
  2. I take this to read "Why do you care? Why do you think it matters?" Yeah, it matters. According to various sources, you should overwrite more than once. How can you do that with zeroes? Clearly, you cannot. To me, it only makes sense to overwrite with random data. I have a 4-TB drive that has developed bad sectors, and is going back on warranty. I wish I could just destroy it, but I cannot. So, I have to overwrite the whole damned thing, which takes days. I've already done a format /p:n, before some self-appointed tech wizard tries making a fool of me by pointing that option out. C
  3. Does the "Simple Overwrite (1 pass)" overwrite method for Drive Wiper involve writing 0s, or does it use random data? The docs don't say, though I'm not sure why. I'll be able to answer my own question before long, but I'd rather know going in.
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