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  1. This one. http://www.badongo.com/file/2846111
  2. Gee, I thought you had heard the news. Easter has been canceled.
  3. I clicked on your link and got this. This is with a 19" screen and the resolution set at 1024x768. I changed the resoultion to 800x600, and got this. Looks like the correct resolution is somewhere in between. Your screen looks pretty wide, try setting the resolution to one of these: 1360x768 1600x900 1600x1024
  4. Can you post a link to one of the pages so others can check them? Trouble could be the website it self. I've seen some that had text overlapping other text or graphics.
  5. I thought you were color blind?
  6. Not bad, but the green forum headings are a little hard to read. They need to be a little darker.
  7. Sniper

    Game consoles

    Hey 84, If you're thinking of getting a WII, you might want to check this site. http://www.wiihaveaproblem.com/
  8. Let everyone know if he enters, so we can all vote for him.
  9. Hey New_Age, You should tell your friend to check this website. There is a contest called Music Nation, groups are sending in vids from all over the country. The winner gets a recording contract with Epic Records. http://www.rock103.com/cc-common/musicnation/
  10. Ya'll might want to check out this site. A contest with unsigned bands from all over the country are sending in videos. The winner gets a recording contract with Epic Records. http://www.rock103.com/cc-common/musicnation/
  11. If you like sci-fi or fantasy, check this site for wallpaper, screensavers, themes, etc. http://desktopstarships.com/galleries.html
  12. Sniper

    A Image Editor

    You can try HP's free imaging software. HP Photosmart Essential
  13. A man with no heart? If he moves to the US, he can get a job with the IRS.
  14. I'm sure the open design is for demo. If not, what's going to happen when someone parks their car in the slush at night and it's froze to the ground the next morning.
  15. Hey slowday, This is just a shot in the dark, have her check Add and Remove Programs. If Office is still there, she can try clicking on it and then click on "change" and see if it will reinstall. You might get lucky.
  16. Sniper


    Cheap parts and lousy tech support. You'd be better off spending the $250 on a gun and shooting yourself in the foot. It would be less painful than dealing with a eMachine computer.
  17. I added 512 to the 256 that came with my HP and it never missed a beat. Just drop in the open slot and reboot. Go to Crucial and use their memory advisor to find the compatible memory for your computer. If you are running XP, it's probably eating over 200Mb all by itself. Also, adding a graphics card will make a BIG difference. http://www.crucial.com/index.asp
  18. Nextwarehouse has them a lot cheaper. I've bought from them before and never had any trouble. http://www.nextwarehouse.com/item/?297477 BTW, Is that $329 Canadian? I ask cause I got $299 US when I looked it up at Newegg.
  19. I have my Gmail forwarded to my ISP account so I can check both at the same time. I also have a Yahoo account, Email.com, Hotmail, and 2 with Mail2world.com. I use Gmail mostly for web sites and the ISP for personal stuff. Some sites that require your email address, will not accept an address from a free webmail account like Yahoo or Hotmail. That's where Mail2world comes in handy. They let you make up your own domain name and it gets past the webmail filters.
  20. Sniper

    new isp

    Hey cowboy, glad you got it worked out. Good going. Those things in Directory Service are just default address search sites that Outlook stuck in there. About as useless as teats on a boar, don't worry about them.
  21. Sniper

    new isp

    Unless you purposely routed Gmail or some other account to Outlook, your cpu-net account should be the only one there. Try setting it up from scratch. Here is the link to cpu-net's Outlook Express set up instructions. http://www.cpu-net.com/support/instruction...ss/express.html
  22. Sniper

    new isp

    What is your new ISP? Open Outlook Express and click Tools>Accounts>Properties>Servers and check to see if your Incoming and Outgoing servers are correct. I use PeoplePC and mine are the same for in and out. Net Zero can really screw up a computer. My brother used the free ISP they had five years ago for a couple of months and it kept screwing things up for months after he uninstalled it. He finally got mad and reformatted his computer to get rid of all traces of Net Zero.
  23. Sniper

    colour scheme

    In the display properties, click the advanced button then click the color button and you can blend your own custom colors.
  24. Had a great Thanksgiving. More turkey. (burp) Fix-A-Turkey
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