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  1. Hi, I have just about ALL options checked in CC and have never seen this before? I just cleaned the PC and afterwards went to check on my own site and lo and behold ALL history has gone! Just todays history is there which I expect. BUT what also went was ALL my bookmarks I have just taken around two hours to sort out!!! And when I say ALL I mean ALL of the bookmarks form the last month or so! But not as I say from History but from the actual tags I sorted them into?? Is this CC or is it just me?? Chris
  2. Updated to newest version and right away unable to run CC. Downloaded NEWEST version of CC and run, gets a BIT further but STILL crashing?? Can I revert to a previous stable version please?? Or do I simply move on down the bus??
  3. C'mon guys!! Still trying to fix this and no feedback yet?? STILL crashing out and just wondering what best to do????
  4. Just downloaded latest version from File Hippo V.1.41.544 and run a test on the 'Cleaner' settings. I run Cleaner and it runs for around 2/3 seconds and then shuts down having done nothing. Analyzer runs and finds problems. Cleans them. Run issues and all is ok,( except it took perhaps 5 passes to get shot of all problems.) Running before was all AOK. System is XP on a AMD Duron XP2400+ 512Mb ram. Just checked agin after restarting system JUST in case, still same, checks for problems, even prompts me to close Firefox. I run the cleaner and bar gets to around 40% and drops out?
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