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  1. Not to worry have uninstalled it
  2. Hi all My Defraggler will not update i am using version v.109. I have it set to manually update ,any1 have any clues ? Thanks for any help Trish
  3. Hi yokenny and thanks for replying oh my lord that many i have been searching for an icon as i don't want to download to my pc,photo bucket is closed for maintenance i have spoken to her she said she had installed regcure and it recommended the CCleaner its got 3 red squares ,like little building blocks for both software i could post the site details but i am not sure if i would be allowed to do that.
  4. Hi all i was around my mates house tonight,she was doing something on her pc she was doing a scan with CCleaner but when i took a look although it said CCleaner it was not this cleaner we use so how many ccleaners is there ?
  5. i think its worked unticked delete index.dat files ran cleaner went on 3 sites and it did not ask for my password thank you Tarq57 for helping me cheers
  6. log on behaviour i rely on those cookies as i forget my passwords thanks
  7. sorry guys and thank you all what i'm trying to say is that when i use ccleaner it deleats all my cookies ,also the ones i have saved it does this in internet explorer 7 and firefox i am running win xp sp2 once again sorry
  8. what no replys hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so am i right in thinking not to use ccleaner
  9. the new version is still NOT clearing out cookies in internet explorer 7 and firefox and yes i moved the cookies over that i want to keep i thought the new version of ccleaner would fix this,but sadly it has not
  10. just downloaded to my pc and the same problem happened
  11. just downloaded new version of ccleaner thank you while downloading had error report it asked me if i wanted to cancel or retry i clicked retry,it carried on downloading no what i would like to know,will ccleaner be ok to use this was downloaded to my laptop thanks
  12. lol will leave that little bit for someone else
  13. thanks lokoike sorry i was picking at your brains there for a moment,but its all new to me this computer lark,but i love finding out new things everyday
  14. thanks lokoike,made new folder my downloads,so hopefully they will go in there,as you know i have just downloaded and upgraded firefox on my destop theres this icon saying firefox set up,is this needed any more,many thanks for your help
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