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  1. Thanks for the links Andavari, I passed with flying colors at Shields Up but something is slowing down my system for sure. I guess I'll try some other firewalls and see if they pass the test. I'm using Spybot right now but will take a look at superantispyware.
  2. I think that Norton ditched me prematurely. I downloaded Avast AV and it seems to be OK. I also down loaded Zone Alarm firewall and while it is not driving me crazy, it is a pain setting it up for the first couple of days. But I remember having to do the same with Kerio and Sygate. I,ve been scanning periodically with Spybot, Adawre by Lavasoft and of course CCleaner. I had heard that XP firewall was not that good considering all the free alternatives that were available. I'm running Vista and I'm not sure if it even has a firewall. But it does have something called windows defender which might be like a firewall but I don't know. I'm still learning about Vista.
  3. I,m using Norton right now only because it came loaded on my new computer. But I am through with Norton products. I was supposed to have a 60 day free trial and after 30 days I can't update my anti-virus. The program says that my subscription expires in 32 days but won't let me update because my subscription has expired. Without even a warning. FU Norton. The firewall says it's still working but I'm getting rid of it before it leaves me high and dry like the AV did. Now I've got something, slooooow computer, freezes up, tower makes a ticking noise every now and then. I've used Kerio and Sygate before and liked them both. Considering going back to them or giving ZA a try. Any opinions out there?
  4. Thank you rridgely, opening in run as admin. showed the uninstall list. Only been using Vista myself for a couple of days (not that I ever knew alot about XP or 2000) but so far I'm not dissatisfied.
  5. Same issues here. Nothing in the uninstall section and 2 unused file extenstions almost right out of the box. Computer is only a couple of days old. Haven't tried to fix issues yet so I can't comment on unused file extenstions reappearing
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