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  1. my old computer finally died on me, and i needed a new one... i wanted to build one so i could get better things for a cheaper cost, but since my step father was the one paying for it, he wanted a dell just so my mom and him could have the warranty, so i finally got it after "customizing it" and everything... (xps 410) and the only issue i really had with it was the cooling... it seems they care more about the box actually being silent than keeping the parts inside cool, my card and processor both ran very close to the "slow down threshold" (7900 gtx, 2.4 duel core intel) but while ordering it online, they offered a special "US tech support" to make sure you didn't get someone over in India or something... all in all. for 1 monitor and just the computer, no speakers hourse keyboard ect ect. it was about 2500 dollars... afterwards i looked up all the parts on newegg (aside from the motherboard since it's a dell motherboard) and looked at the price, and it was almost 1k cheaper to build it myself. so you really have to ask yourself, is a warranty on your parts really worth it?
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