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  1. Hi I have a problem, i have notice that in APLICATIONS tab i have entrys of aplications that i have unistall. How can i remove that entrys? Tank you
  2. The problem was hiden files....
  3. Problem resolved.....tank you very much all of you
  4. Didnt work...................
  5. I just find this file "OPERA.EXE-3B75DA17.pf" in directory c:/windows/Prefetch
  6. I have made a full search and i didnt find anything....
  7. Yes...i have run a hundred times...and nothing....
  8. I m sorry... Can you please tell me how to resolv the problem?...please Tank you
  9. Opera browser..... I have instaled firefox
  10. Hello When i run the CCleaner in the aplications tab i have programs that are not instaled? How can i fixe that? Tank you
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