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  1. To make things simple, I have often said that when I am capable (happens now and again) I would pay/donate to get the Slim version, as it stands, I HAVE donated before hoping to maybe see something change/come out faster. For me, I redo my pc every other month (sometimes theres a month or 2 lapse), AND I deal with VM's alot I setup then destroy then setup again. I have many a times accidentally skipped passed the bloatware options and installed them, its VERY annoying, its also a pain to have to manually find reg entrys and file/folder left behind because over 90% (remember percentages are pulled from peoples ass's) of the software I use/deal with cant make an uninstaller that actually "totally" uninstalls (mountainous software that "advertises" this ability aside) As for "if you where Piriform you would scrap "slim" builds", thats fine, then the untold amounts of people with my mentality (wont lie, most of them are software pirates) on dealing with BLOAT infested software would strip it out and it would appear on 0Day and AppADay sites on the SAME day that Piriform releases an actual software update. I am sure they don't do that CURRENTLY due to the fact that Piriform DOES provide this "slim" build and respects that they do. A saying like "if you cant go through them, go around them" fits perfectly here, except the "around" part would risk severe exploits, infections, and overall disrespect for the current state of said software (to include possible reverse engineering and theft of code). EDIT: since some will mistake it, BLOATWARE is normally associated with OEM systems with loads of preloaded software that the user normally doesn't WANT/NEED, saying an installer contains BLOAT means that besides the DESIRED program, some OTHER program is bundled with it and will ask you to install it as well (annoying to the VAST majority of users) @Hazelnut "You posted in the ccleaner forum and asked where the 'slim' version was. Now you seem to be talking about Defraggler." your talking as if I where the OP, which I am not, I was merely pointing out the mistake in your statement and trying to give anyone else reading it understanding and backing as to WHY i say its a mistake, I am not putting words in your mouth, im saying those are the words that SHOULD be coming from your mouth (in this situation your hands typing on a keyboard), but in the interest of a compromise, instead of "month" how about "almost 1/2 to 3/4 of a month"? or, even more acceptable for your side is to just not say "a few days" (which did come from your "mouth") since it has been proven time and time again recently, that "a few days" is definitely NOT the truth EDIT2: I have said it a few times before as well, but a neat little countdown timer would be cool/prevent these posts on the forums if it where placed on the "builds" page, but since this has been basically ignored and the difference in post dates for the slim build, that its posted more of "on a whim" and not 'on a schedule" so to speak
  2. I just wanted to jump in here and point out a few things. Your statement is technically incorrect and REALLY gives false hope! Once upon a time (a year~ ago) it was only a few days later, months ago the norm was only one or 2 weeks (and 2 weeks was uncommon but not rare), however in the past 2~ months the time has drastically increased (compared to "a few days"), an example in progress (aka so you can see for yourself that the statement is incorrect) is Defraggler! its already passed the 2 week mark since Defraggler's latest release (April 14th) and I get the feeling its going to keep increasing (and on a side note, this is the LONGEST I have seen between a release and a "wheres the slim" forum topic since i normally check out the bug reports section of the forum on BLOAT release day visits). So just to put it bluntly, im not trying to be rude (comes out like that anyway, dont really care, face to face gives a totally different feeling then reading plain text), but heres your reply, fixed: "When a new build of any freeware by piriform is released it is always about a month or so later that a slim build appears." * as a side note, due to the fact i normally check every day, this is pretty accurate, however there might have been times that i was away for a good 4-7 days on the rare occasion and you can of course adjust for variances if you wish and of course if you have exacts for the last year~ on BLOAT and SLIM release dates then I would appreciate seeing this detailed information as well as a fancy graph showing the increase in time between BLOAT and SLIM build release dates
  3. Wow, I just wanted to login and confirm this for MySQL v5.1 and v5.5... its a doozie... didnt even recognize the old instance when I reset it up (MySQL data location is STILL broken... it IGNORES the selection in the instance setup wizard... bug is been open for 6 months now over @ MySQL), thank god for daily backup's however I love MySQL, and made to add this exclusion for each developer I help with monthly autoruns , love CCleaner as well Cheers!
  4. sadly, i see no mention of a different download link of a "slim" build if i pay for the "premium support" option... ergo, nogo... EDIT: what makes it even MORE hilarious, is this: """ Thank you for your payment! We shall keep you updated about all future CCleaner versions and any new products we release. You may download CCleaner from: http://www.piriform....wnload/standard Regards The CCleaner Team Piriform Ltd """ Still no slim link... only the {SNIPPED By Moderator} chrome/open candy infused edition... at least provide a dynamic 1 time use link for those who donate+/buy support... sheez...
  5. I still dont get after reading it a few times how you took that as rude, but sidestepping finding out how, i meant the "eh" statement more of a i hope that was a good enough explanation, because i cant explain s**t to people lately, off my my own world where bah means: "no thank you sir, I would rather not go down on a sinking ship in the middle of the desert with only peanut butter and moldy bread in the middle of a sand storm"
  6. like i said, put a countdown timer, or notice on the "builds" page... loads less posts/questions about WHERE and WHY its MIA, might get a few WHY THE WAIT questions...but thats gotta be LOADS better then after each release getting forum spammed asking where it went, why it isnt there, and is it gone, is it coming back, yada yada yada... you get the picture eh?
  7. you will have to forgive me cause im a bit intoxicated at the moment: but why the hell hasn't anyone thought of putting this info on the builds page so people stop coming here and asking the damn question after EVERY single release? are they just trying to drive people to come to the forums and sign up just to ask the question? I dunno maybe a cool automated system that has like a timer on the builds page for the amount of time they want it to be delayed then it deploys it when the timer runs out... just a thought.... a cool drunken thought... but a thought none-the-less for this NON programmer/web guy...
  8. I dunno either, but this is the 7th fracking time I have installed Google Chrome and its pissing me the f*** off... I have nothing but respect for Piriform, i know the software is free and they get paid for "bundling", but I would REALLY rather donate then be stuck screwing around with google chrome every damn time I click next too fast, or more then once because a computer has a hiccup...
  9. please calm down... i am also waiting, but alot of the software that I use has 3-7 day waits on the "ad free" software IMHO, its TOTALLY worth it! Well for a major release like v1-v2 its questionable, but minor releases its TOTALLY NORMAL and with Piriform software, TOTALLY WORTH IT (CDBurnerXP does it, and god forbid it I didnt have it ping me VIA RSS as soon as its link goes live!) be grateful its free at all, or that they plan to provide an ad-free one, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO as a last note... I remember an old piece of software I used to use (they where bought out/closed down), made the freeware version 1 month behind (well depending on the average release, sometimes sooner if major issues where fixed or major version changes)
  10. I dont know for sure, since I only used the beta, but I think this option is labeled incorrectly! When I first saw it, I was excited as well, no more booting into safe mode and even then disabling shell and services to run as TRUE of an offline defrag as possible... (was using MyDefrag beforehand) but no such luck so far Again, I think its totally mislabeled, the option is in "Settings" under "Boot Time Defrag" is the only thing REMOTELY close to "Offline Defrag", but then again, it only defragments specific core system files... not he whole disk like I (and you apparently) was hoping Q_Q
  11. while I dont speak on behalf of Piriform, Im going to guess they are doing the same delay thing like they did with CCleaner_v3 in which its a 3-5 day wait (its becoming the norm, and im fine with, and am, waiting for it)
  12. Kane3162

    CCleaner 3

    Not to detract from the main OP's question (snicker) But has any of the actual staff chimed in on the "Slim" version situation? CDBurnerXP tried to do away with it but the public outcry was great, I even donated just to make sure the SLIM version was reinstated (he didnt have a donate button, we all yelled and he gave us one, AND his steam wish list for games LOL!)! He did reinstate it, with a 3 day lag period from the "Open Candy" (you should try it, smaller size for the installer, but i still dont like it at all) supported installer! Totally willing to donate to keep a "Slim" package, and though I am only one user (but i have talked to my co-workers and friends who agree), I think I will stick with CCleaner_v2.36.1233... even if its indefinitely *** just refreshed the page (loaded it early this morning), you can IGNORE this post as its been said it is coming
  13. CCleaner also removes the Adobe Reader icon as well...
  14. Having read quite a few "complaint" or "your deleted my" posts here and else-ware, only to see them turn at the end to a "whoops I screwed up" (ill throw it out and say 99% of the time, and the SHAME of making such a heated statement without first calmly requesting support has again throwing out a number 99% of those people admitting their stupidity and never coming back to the forums unless they ACTUALLY have an issue, IE you make a fool of yourself in a store and never go back to it afterwards...), I would be interested in how you figure CCleaner did this? You did not say where these "writing documents" "pictures" and "other things" where stored! IE if they where in the "My Documents" "My Pictures" and "whatever" folder on your computer, how do you suppose to blame CCleaner which will ONLY touch areas like that with a specifically written *.ini file! Instead of only pressing blame, you should ask for assistance in recovery of said files, ask HOW this could have happened with said software, and if found fraudulent, im sure MANY people here would be happy to help diagnose HOW such a blunder occurred! Additionally as a tech of 7 years, I wonder, have you tried Recuva? Its deleted file recovery software made by the same company, but as such if they "where" important to you, would you not want to "try" and retrieve them no?
  15. Make no mistake TheWebAtom, if it was built into CCleaner somehow, i would be over the moon I just try to keep a little bit of sanity with my life! Actually, its OT, but if you changed it from an "Updater" to an "Updater/Launcher" (IE an advanced feature that takes over the "open/run" recyclebin options and the CCleaner shortcuts, updates the winapp2.ini, auto selects all newly added options then runs -well for the "run" part-)... that would be cool and useful... hell make it an AIO! grab your package, it grabs ccleaner when you run it, installs it, and updates winapp2.ini! ok wishing i could do any sort of coding/programming now...
  16. @TheWebAtom/WinApp2.ini/TwistedMetal (the users) My fears have come to pass, good WinApp2.ini's are becoming fractured, in that now there are 3 versions where before there was only 1! Now I dont know how/if you guys work with each other, or use each others work as a base... as far as i can think with looking with windiff, WinApp2.ini's is built off of TwistedMetel's, while i havent diff'd TheWebAtom's with the other 2... Can you guys maybe get together or something... I know TwistedMetel's is now outdated so its going to be WebApp2.ini or TheWebAtom's (who makes CCleaner Enhancer, an over-glorified WinApp2.ini downloader, not saying its bad or that i dont like it, because i DO like it, but thats what it is)...
  17. no need to be able to perfectly craft them..... just have a pc you can do tests on.... for me i have 4 pc's 1 6000+ 1 4400+ 1 D-PIII 1 Q-Opt (rest of specs omited) ..... what are you talking about CCleaner crashing?? i never had CCleaner crash!
  18. well the thing is i want to only use 1 cleaner.... CCleaner...... and when i installed the latest version and ran it with EVERYTHING checked for cleaning and no wait on the temp files it removed alot however when i ran that batch it removed about 500mb or so..... when i did it on my OLD OLD pc after running CCleaner it removed about 3-4 gigz...... ask me if their is something you don't recognize i will research it... all i know is it helps.... (batch + startup = awsome...) also this is only for XP or so the e-mail from a M$ support rep said.... i have a copy of the e-mail if you would like to inspect it..
  19. i didn't find this or any other information in the forums so far........ i got this from M$ when i couldn't windows update.... i ran CCleaner then ran the batch and it apparently deleted alot of crap that was missed...... it actually helped.... (thank god i saved it...) @echo offecho We will clear the tempoary files and the following process will take a few minutes, please waitNet stop WuAuServ Net stop Cryptsvcdel /f /s /q %windir%\SoftwareDistribution oldSD del /f /s /q %windir%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.old del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.tmpdel /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*._mpdel /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.giddel /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.chkdel /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.olddel /f /s /q %systemdrive%\recycled\*.*del /f /s /q %windir%\*.bakdel /f /s /q %windir%\prefetch\*.*rd /s /q %windir%\temp & md %windir%\tempdel /f /q %userprofile%\cookies\*.*del /f /q %userprofile%\recent\*.*del /f /s /q "%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\*.*"del /f /s /q "%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp\*.*"del /f /s /q "%userprofile%\recent\*.*"Net start WuAuServ Net start Cryptsvc@Echo =========================@Echo Finished. @Echo =========================@pause Please let me know if this is at all helpful.... Thanks!
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