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  1. Make no mistake TheWebAtom, if it was built into CCleaner somehow, i would be over the moon I just try to keep a little bit of sanity with my life! Actually, its OT, but if you changed it from an "Updater" to an "Updater/Launcher" (IE an advanced feature that takes over the "open/run" recyclebin options and the CCleaner shortcuts, updates the winapp2.ini, auto selects all newly added options then runs -well for the "run" part-)... that would be cool and useful... hell make it an AIO! grab your package, it grabs ccleaner when you run it, installs it, and updates winapp2.ini! ok wishing
  2. @TheWebAtom/WinApp2.ini/TwistedMetal (the users) My fears have come to pass, good WinApp2.ini's are becoming fractured, in that now there are 3 versions where before there was only 1! Now I dont know how/if you guys work with each other, or use each others work as a base... as far as i can think with looking with windiff, WinApp2.ini's is built off of TwistedMetel's, while i havent diff'd TheWebAtom's with the other 2... Can you guys maybe get together or something... I know TwistedMetel's is now outdated so its going to be WebApp2.ini or TheWebAtom's (who makes CCleaner Enha
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