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  1. Last few updates have made opening CCleaner unbearable. Glad to know it is being worked on. (Windows 10 here).
  2. Call me crazy, but that worked on BOTH pc's, How does that even happen...
  3. v4.13.4693 (64-bit) on two different computers. (Win 8.1, 64 bit) Recycle Bin is empty. EVERY single time i run ccleaner, it says it removes exactly 1,555,728 KB from the recycle bin. Every. Single. Time.
  4. It still does not matter - it should be a function of atleast the paid version. (since an auto-update feature would likely require being downloaded from Piriform servers).
  5. If they like money, they should... just sayin'
  6. How so? The programs I use go like this: Double-click Open, - Warning - Update required. Cannot use CCleaner until updated, Press OK to update.... bing ding ring, you are updated, please check your settings. Done.
  7. Used CCleaner for years. IF CCleaner had an Auto-Update feature, I would GLADLY pay for it. I must not be the only person who hates downloading, installing every month. The programs I generally will pay for must have that feature. (double click open > New Update, Click OK to Update > bing boom doom, all Update > Clean away Mr. CCleaner > The End. Thanks
  8. I am using the newest version Mozilla Firefox and Newest version CCleaner, and with the new CCleaner, it is no longer clearing my cookies in Firefox..... what gives? and yes, i do have the option checked in CCleaner.
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