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  1. This is the same as my post "CCleaner 5.22 takes much time for Edge cleaning!"!
  2. Thanks Mr.OldMike65. I found this happens when specifying the cookies to be cleared. Other items does not affect to the processing speed. As you said, most user and also I does not use for daily browsing. So the cach datea or cookies do not remain because they were already cleared by previous CCleaner runs. I hope CCleaner engineers will fix and release the revised version.
  3. After updating to 5.22, CCleaner takes much time for Edge data cleaning (it is more than 5 second or more). This error did not occur in the previous 5.21, and I almost do not use Edge (as other users) and so there must be no cache or remaining files. I returned to 5.21, and everything become fine. I think 5.22 updates ("Improved Microsoft Edge Cookie and History cleaning ") may affect to CCleaner. Please check and fix this as soon as possible.
  4. As I posted in "Vivaldi Speed Dials", CCleaner handles other derivative browsers such as Vivaldi as Google chrome. The user data of other derivative browsers are detected and deleted as Google browser even the lacations of other browser.As I posted in "Vivaldi Speed Dials", CCleaner deletes jumplist (maybe related to speed dial) and then the speed dials are also deleted! I usually use Avant Browser (http://www.avantbrowser.com/) and it has Chrome engine inside, and the user data are cleared by CCleaner. I think CCleaner should handle the derivative chrome browsers as separate browser, and do not clear the other derivative browsers!
  5. I have the same problem as your post! When I specify "Applications" -> "Google chrome" -> "Internet history" to be cleared, then "C:\Users\(user folder)\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\JumpListIcons" are cleared!!!, and so spped dials of vivaldi has gone! I think that vivaldi has the similar engine as Chrome and the similar data structures, and then CCleaner recognize Vivaldi as Chrome! for temporary , I recommend that you do NOT specify "Applications" -> "Google chrome" -> "Internet history" of Google Chrome of CCleaner settins.
  6. when I run CCleaner (5.0) and observed by Task Manager, and found CCleaner occuoied high CPU usage as attached snapshot! In this case , I just started CCleaner but no operation for CCleaner (Just the menu screen is displayed).
  7. I use CCleaner in Japanese. When I changed to Option and returned to Cleaner screen. As shown in snapshot, a part of Option remains behind the Cleaner screen! and also the progress and the result of Cleaner is not displayed as attached snapshot! This occurs in japanese mode, not in English mode.
  8. CCleaner deletes Topsites.plist in C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Safari when the internet history for safari is specified, but Topsites.plist is for so-called speeddial for safari, and it should not be cleared. Please consider this problem. P.S. Is there any documents or help file that explains what actual files and directories are deleted when cleaning?
  9. When I startup system, I saw 2 ccleaner icons appeared in task notification area! Usually it is difficault to see the running icons on task notification area. I set "ccleaner runs at startup", but never saw 2 ccleaner icons in the previous versions. I checked my startup folders, but no additional ccleaner shortcuts!
  10. CCleaner 2.0 can not display in Japanese as attached picture.
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