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    CCleaner 2.0 RC

    Why is it (still) not possible to clean the "PREFETCH" folder content in "Secure file deletion" mode? Anyway, if you need to know, I am using WinXpPro(x86)SP2.
  2. Hi Mr. G, Why don't the Prefetch files get deleted at all in secure mode? This problem has been happening with all the releases after version "", and the problem is still here, even with version "2.00.491 Beta 2"! Will this ever get fixed? Anyway, if you need more details about the problem, I talked about it here, and here. Thank you for your time and such a great program! Have a nice day!
  3. Hey petebest, I guess I forgot to add some details in my previous post. I'm using "XP Pro SP2" and if you are also wondering, I have tried the methods mentioned with the "Old Prefetch data" option "On" and "Off" an it made no difference. Thanks for trying to help, but I've already tried the method that you've suggested, and tried using that piece of code that I've posted in my previous post for my "winapp2.ini" file. I used those methods with every release after version "", and it always failed to clean the files in the "Prefetch" folder, even while using both the "Normal and Secure file deletion" settings. Now, with version " (BETA)" with the "Normal file deletion" setting selected, sometimes (...well...rarely) some files (but never all) get deleted in the "Prefetch" folder. But if I decide to use the "Secure file deletion" setting (which I always use), then no files get deleted at all. I can see the "Prefetch" files when I do an "Analyze" but when I decide to "Run Cleaner", I don't see those files among the deleted, because they were never cleaned. But if I go to "Analyze' again, those "Prefetch" files are still there. Why is it that version "" worked perfectly fine with the "Prefetch" folder, but with every release afterwards has failed to do any cleaning set by the user? Will this get fixed?
  4. Why is it that CCleaner still can't delete files in the "Prefetch" folder? It used to work very well in version "" while using "Normal and Secure file deletion", but after that version, every release has failed to do it at all! Why?... Below is the piece of code that I've always used (and it always worked) in my "winapp2.ini" file: [*Prefetch Data]LangSecRef=3004DetectFile=%windir%\PrefetchDefault=TrueFileKey1=%windir%\Prefetch|*.* Now, with version 2.0, it sometimes (but not often) deletes the files in the "Prefetch" folder, but only in "Normal" mode and not at all in the "Secure" modes (which I always use). Is this a bug, and if so, will it be fixed soon?
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