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  1. Brilliant. Many thanks for the link, installed perfectly. BTW Windows 7 might be old but mine runs much faster with a far lower spec than the Windows 10 machine without all the bloatware that 10 has.
  2. Hi I have tried several times to update CCleaner (Free Version) from Version 5.66 on my Windows 7 Home SP1 64-bit Laptop and all I get is a frozen blank installation screen. The same exe file installed perfectly well as usual on my other Laptop running the latest version of Windows Home 64-bit. Can anyone suggest why this updated version won't apparently install on Windows 7?
  3. Hi I don't think it is anything to do with Outlook Express/Norton because this particular CCleaner entry only started appearing after I installed Mozilla Firefox and I have made no changes to my NIS2008 since I installed it some months ago. I have also seen no affects on my Norton software since I zapped it and I don't now have the Registry Backup as it is pointless reinstating these backups after subsequent changes to the Registry have occurred. In any case, if it does affect my Norton programmes I can always reinstall those after a clean uninstall. Thanks for your input.
  4. Because it was presumably telling me that the registry entry was invalid (Problem - Missing TypeLib Reference) so why keep it? I haven't found any problem with my NIS 2008 since I deleted it. Perhaps it was something to do with my installation of Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 and subsequent uninstall after a quick trial. Still, it is done now so I shall no doubt find out one way or the other in due course.
  5. Hi I solved the problem by zapping it in Safe Mode. Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't cause a problem with some application or other!
  6. I use Outlook Express (not Outlook) and yes, I have Norton Internet Security 2008. OE has the Norton anti- spam add-on activated (not sure if this is classed as a plug-in.
  7. Hi I have a recurring entry when I use the Registry Integrity section of CCleaner. Checking this to fix the entry seems to work but when run again it reappears. The entry is:- Problem Missing TypeLib Reference Data IOutlookPlug - {4A3451BE-99E0-476C-AE7F-C2A5671AC22E} Registry Key HKCR\Interface\{A9CC9305-0A30-4015-92A0-0711EE24E720} Can anyone shed any light on this problem?
  8. Hi Thanks for all your help. I did look at the Windows RAW viewer in Power Tools but unfortunately it doesn't apply to my Fuji DSLR. It used to only cover Canon and Nikon when I last looked at it, but I see there are quite a number of new manufacturers included. I don't really need the facilities of IrfanView (if it is still similar to when I last loaded it) as I have the Fuji RAW Converter/Photoshop to process my RAW files. I have never heard of FastStone Image Viewer. Anyway, having purchased it I just felt I should stick with it - it wasn't that expensive. Regarding updating software, I wish all downloads included a text file to indicate the update procedures - it wouldn't be that difficult for the authors and it would remove some of the uncertainty.
  9. Hi Dennis Many thanks for your comprehemsive response. The software involved was dpMagic which I use to view Digital Camera Raw Files and which also creates thumbnails in explorer. When I purchased this softtware in November 2007 some aspects were not working properly and when I enquired with the authors I was told they were working on an update. When I visited the site a few days ago I noticed an updated version and (wrongly) assumed I could install it over the top of my version. When I uninstalled it, some of the aspects of my older version were not there. A system restore solved the problem. I do find it difficult at times to establish whether software can be overwritten or whether it requires the old version to be uninstalled first. Quite often I also find that an installer tells me that I have an older version which it uninstalls before installing the new one - usually asking also whether I wish to retain my settings etc. In the case of dpMagic I did see (after the event) in the downloads section of their site the option to upgrade rather than download so it was a lack of care on my part. Regarding purging System Restore I do this regularly using the Disc Cleanup Utility as is described in your link.
  10. Hi Thanks for the links davey. I do regularly back up my system using Norton Ghost but have never had the need to use it. Hazelnut, I don't regularly use System Restore but very occasionally I use it to undo a screwed up application. For example, I updated a piece of software the other day and then found that it wouldn't work with my key code and needed the purchase of an upgrade key code. When I tried to uninstall it I was left with remnants of both versions and neither would work. A System restore reverted to the previous situation leaving me with my original version in working order. The message I get when System Restore fails to work is just the usual window telling me that it was unable to resore my PC and no changes had been made. I have had no virus/malaware on my PC and, yes, System Restore did appear to work regularly in the past. It is no big deal as there are there are usually other ways to deal with the situation but if it were caused by some setting in CCleaner I am using then that could be changed.
  11. Hi I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP2. My system restore function regularly fails to work and I am wondering whether there are any CCleaner options that might be affecting this application that I should avoid.
  12. Thanks Re-booting doesn't seem to work but ending explorer in task manager and then restarting it did. Am I correct in assuming that with this item checked in CCleaner to run at startup it should clean this cache every time I boot up? Currently it doesn't appear to do that.
  13. Hi I am using the latest version of CC;leaner with Windows XP Home SP2. I have the Tray Notification Cache checked and CCleaner set to run on startup yet it doesn't ever seem to clear this cache. The beginners guide states Tray Notifications Cache In Windows XP the System Tray (the set of icons next to the clock in the bottom-right corner) orders and hides items automatically for you. Whilst this is useful, it records a list of every program that has been run from the tray. This option clears the list of previous programs and removes any custom display/hide options. (Warning: This won't have any affect until you manually restart the explorer process from the Task Manager.) How do I do this?
  14. Hi I am having the same problem and I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP2 and all updates. The cookie system worked fine with the previous version but this one won't let me save cookies either. This is very irritating as some cookies relate to automatic signing in of some forums etc and now I have to login every time I visit. I hope the problem will soon be fixed.
  15. Hi I installed the new Version 2 yesterday; this morning, when I ran the registry scan it came up with an unused file extension ".dic". This is obviously an error as this file extension is used by me for Word 2002 and Picture-It, both of which have a facility to add words to their dictionary, and which have .dic files on my system. Having "fixed" the issue I then reversed it. When I ran registry scan again the item did not then re-appear in the scan which I assume it should have. This makes me wonder whether other registry items are being reported in error.
  16. That's strange - I have tried several times and each time when I unzip the contents and try to access the help file every page is blank and tells me that this page cannot be opened and that I am not connected to the internet. If I use the online link that works fine.
  17. BTW I did download the user guide from the sticky link but unfortunately all I get when I unzip it is a load of blank pages. Can the guide only be accessed from the internet?
  18. Hi Thanks for the link Glen. The online help link in the CCleaner window takes one to a very basic help service. I shall bookmark this link and have a good read. Thanks also to hazelnut.
  19. Thanks - it must be some other problem then.
  20. Hi Which item in CCleaner removes the list of most recently used programmes from the Start menu in Windows XP SP2?
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