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  1. Much to my surprise, I managed to solve this on my own. In a last, desperate attempt, I used RegSeeker hxxp://www.hoverdesk.net/freeware.htm and simply ran a search on the URL that won't go away. Lo and behold, there was a matching "key" or entry in the register! I deleted this and the problem was gone. I then searched some other URL:s I visit. And yes, several of them were also found in the registry. Why this happens is beyond me. But some sites seems to leave a footprint in the registry and CC does not clean this away. Anyway, thanks CaPMan for taking an interest in my little problem. Cheers!!!
  2. I have a strange little problem. There is ONE www-address in history that simply will not go away. Using CC doesn't help. Cleaning with Explorer doesn't help. Whenever I press a certain letter, this particular www-address pops up underneath the address bar. This is not a major problem, but I'm beginning to wonder if this is some sort of browser hi-jacking? I just want to get rid of it and have a totally clean URL-history. But how?
  3. Thanks for taking an interest in my little problem. Latest news: URL history is not cleaned when running CC with Explorer open. URL history is cleaned when running CC with Explorer closed. URL history was cleaned with Explorer open when running CC in the previous version. So there is a small difference... P.S. The history box is checked...
  4. Hello! So far CCleaner has been an excellent tool. But I have the same problem with v1.19.105. It cleans a lot less, for example URL history is not cleaned at all. The previous version cleaned everything and very fast too. Is it just me, or??? Cheers!!!
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