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  1. I open Defraggler, analyze, view file list and I'll select a file by right-clickling and I choose "Open Containing Folder." It doesn't do anything. Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. I'm not sure what is so unclear here, but an option for setting Defraggler as the default defragger for Windows is not a life-changing, apocalyptic-computer-destroying matter in which members such as YoKenny of davey are making it out to be. It's well within reason for suggesting this option to be within the Defraggler program as other programs such as UltimateDefrag offer this exact feature (which can be ticked on/off). Not sure what davey is talking about..."What is being discussed here is suggestions for Defraggler development. We are not discussing changes to Windows." It is a suggestion for Defraggler, but I can understand if you're confused since you maybe young or if english is not your first language. You might wanna look up the word "option" for more understanding...I'd have to recommend the Oxford English dictionary tho' the ones that are free online should suffice.
  3. Then you would obviously not select this option. But please do give others the OPTION.
  4. You've got to have an option for setting Defraggler as the default Defragmenter! That way when I go to My Computer> Right click a harddrive> properties>Tools>Defragment Now --> will popup Defraggler and not the crummy winxp one.
  5. I know exactly what you're talking about. See my post here (Post #7) Glad you agree.
  6. It does seem like it would be reverse, but: http://www.disktrix.com/UDFaqs.htmI use the program and that's where my "archived" files are located. Here's what I was talking 'bout in more detail. http://www.disktrix.com/UDDescription.htm
  7. Have any of ya'll tried UltimateDefrag? Unfortunately it is not free, but one of the features is the ability to "archive" files to the center core of the HD (where it is slowest) and prioritize commonly used applications like games or the Windows directory to the outer core (where it is fastest). Been using it for awhile and it seems to be a nice feature, so why not include it?
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