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  1. Recently, I had a 160 GB external drive full of backups. It locked up while being accessed. Then, when brought back online, it had a corrupted MBR. I finally found a program that was able to restore the 2cd good NTFS MBR copy & save my hide. Years of work, nearly down the drain. Active Partition Recovery did the job. There are not enough good & easy free programs to fix or manage partitions, particularly repairing a corrupted one. If you could come out with a partition management software, I am sure it would be simple, portable, easy, & better than anything out there.
  2. I downloaded from filehippo.com all of the versions of recuva, & found to my surprise that the older ones seemed to detect more files to remove, say from about 1.02 something versions, to slightly less for the newer 1.02 versions, to even less for the 1.03 version, to hardly any in the 1.04 version. What gives? The program is nicely designed, & skin wise, hasn't changed very much which I don't mind, because it is a very nice & simple skin, but something under the hood has changed? I am sure it has more support, more bug fixes etc, but, this is getting a bit ridiculous.
  3. Wouldn't it be great to combine CCleaner, recuva, & the new defrag product all in one product? You could have a 3 tabs: clean, undelete, optimise Clean could have windows, registry, startup, uninstall Undelete could have recuva Optimize could have defrag tool Maybe this is hoping for too much, but to have 1 tool that does it all? Portable too? Could keep the products the same in perfomance, just integrate them, I think. Well, hit me up with your opinions pls! Anyone else for 3 fewer programs, ummm, ok, a 3 in 1 program?
  4. Screenshots look mighty nice. I just wish that they will group web browsers in a tab, windows cleaning in a tab, & installed apps in a tab. Having firefox in applications tab is a little confusing. I wish registry cleanup, startup cleanup, & uninstall programs are under tools tab. I think that will make it easier to access all those at one place. Thanks for listening! Oh, 1 last thing. On win 98 systems, I received a vbruntime error. Hope this version 2 runs either with those included or without depending on that. I do need to use it on win98 once in a
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