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  1. Hi all, Sorry , I didn't know that yet. Thanks for informing me about it.
  2. Hi all , Maybe Avant Browser support is a good idea. Many people are getting away from Internet Explorer. I mostly use Avant Browser. I also got FireFox installed , but I don't use it , actually. Just some thoughts , though.
  3. Hi all, Well, I hate Norton and Mcafee , used them once and yes , they take to much memory away. Nowadays I only rely on Panda Software's Panda Antivirus Titanium series when it comes on virus protection and stuff. I honestly don't understand why people still trust Norton or Mcafee. IMHO Panda Antivirus Titanium is the best anti-virus there is.
  4. Hello all , I'm new around here and I want to say "hello" to all of you. I installed CCleaner yesterday. It works very well, was sick and tired of that "Windows Disk Cleanup" tool , anyway. CCleaner is worth to download and install. Way cool program , I like it.
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