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  1. Yes I thought of this - I could actually, create a shortcut with a hotkey to a simple batch file, run my closing programs in it, run ccleaner /auto and even a final little program to shut down the computer, of which there are manu. Call my picky, but it seemed clumsy to start an einstance of the command shell, and run several programs -- when one program had a shutdown option. More artistic to use the one program to do closing tasks. But running a special shell, just to run a vb script, which itself just runs my program -- aint too artistic either!
  2. I have a simple need: run CCleaner with /auto /shutdown to shutdown the computer, but have ccleaner run another program before it shuts down my computer. I know you can run a vb script this way, but my program is not in visual basic. Perhaps I can sneak in another program by writing it is something to `clean' ?
  3. I recently configured CCleaner 1.4..544 to run on startup with the /auto switch, for win 98. I retained the default options. Every time it runs, windows announces, ``Updating configurations files. This may take a minute." And also reports, ``Disk Is full" and then makes me empty the recycle bin of 0 files (!) three times for drives f: g: and h:. These drives are for storage and backup and are always mostly filled. So CCleaner is automatically running MS disk cleanup on these drives. This is almost a bug, since I can not imaging CCleaner should change configurations files, and run a m
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